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Ways To Fix Your Marriage

Hey, its brad browning here and im a marriage and breakup expert from vancouver, Canada. And in this tutorial, Im going to teach you how to prevent separation or divorce and save your marriage. This is obviously going to be a huge topic and Im going to cover as much as I can in this tutorial. So sit tight and be sure to watch this entire clip, because Im going to teach you things that most couples will never know about building a loving marriage.

First of all, let me tell you who this tutorial is for. this tutorial is for people whose husband or wife announced that theyre no longer happy in their marriage. You may have heard painful things like, Im just not happy anymore, I dont love you, or Im leaving you. Or, maybe theyve already left you. No matter the case, I know how extremely difficult, stressful, and heartbreaking this situation is and I know how hopeless you might feel at this very moment. So Im going to start off this long tutorial by telling you.

That there is light at the end of this long tunnel. with the proper guidance, help, and attitude, it is possible to turn your marriage around despite how adamant your spouse may be on divorce. I know this because Ive seen thousands of so called hopeless couples turn it around and I know exactly how they did it. With that being said, rebuilding a broken marriage is a rocky road. Sometimes, things can get a little worse before they get better, and it takes a lot of devotion on your part.

To make things better. however, i promise you that if you watch this whole tutorial and follow my advice very closely, youll have the best chance possible of rebuilding that marriage you and your spouse deserve. But before I get into what TO do to save your marriage, I first need to tell you about what NOT to do. The vast majority of married couples that I coach commit almost all of these very damaging mistakes. And I know that some of you might be in a situation where your spouse.

Isnt willing to work on the marriage, but in a minute, ill tell you why thats okay, and why its even more important for you to learn these common mistakes before you go down the road of rebuilding a newer, happier marriage. Some of this stuff you may already know, but its important to remember these mistakes before you cause any further damage to your marriage and these are tips that will have an immediate impact on your relationship.

I like to call these mistakes my big marital mistakes. Big Marital Mistakes 1 Initiating needless conflict with your spouse. When youre trying to fix a broken marriage and youre feeling desperate, chances are things can spiral out of control very easily (and I think you know what Im talking about). You think that if you could just talk to your spouse about all your problems and find common ground, your marriage will magically fix itself and get better. But usually, this isnt the.

Case. While communicating with your spouse is important in rebuilding a marriage, what your marriage does NOT need right now is another argument or fight. Even if your partner says something antagonizing or wants to bring up a touchy sticky issue at the moment, do your best to avoid conflict politely. Dont ignore your spouse or discount any of their concerns, but you need to ensure that the discussion doesnt end up in a screaming match. You.

Can say something along the lines of, i know this is a real concern right now and I want to resolve this issue, but can we discuss this later? Try and be as nonconfrontational as possible at least for now until you learn how you can manage how to handle your arguments later. Ill get to what I call my Dispute Defusing System later in this tutorial. If you have any questions or concerns about this common mistake, please be sure to ask questions in the comments section below. Ill do my.

Why You Can Fix Your Marriage On Your Own

If your marriage is feeling less than perfect, then i have some good news for you. even though your marriage is made up of two individuals, it only takes one to fix it. Im Brad Browning, relationship coach and author of the best selling Mend the Marriage program. Today I want to talk to you about a question I often get asked, and thats Is it possible to fix your marriage on your own? The short answer is yes. Since your marriage is based on a chain of actions and reactions, changing the way you behave.

And interact within your relationship will in turn affect the way your spouse behaves and reacts. If your changes are positive, then the marriage as a whole will improve. To get started, focus on making changes to the following aspects of your relationship, and before you know it youll have fixed your issues on your own. Lets get started. Surprise your spouse with praise. In the early days of your marriage, you and.

Your spouse were like song birds, constantly singing each other praise. but as time passes, its easy for those praises to wane and for the small acts of love to go unnoticed. To fix your marriage, make a point to surprise your spouse, especially at times when they may be expecting criticism. Once you get into the habit of doing so, your partner will likely follow suit. Voicing your appreciate for the things they do will work wonders on your marriage and it will also motivate your partner to keep up the good work.

Show your spouse youre listening. everyone loves to be heard, so when your spouse is talking to you show them that youre actively listening. To do so, free yourself of distractions, make eye contact and use encouraging conversation fillers such as I see, or Mhmm to give cues that youre paying attention. When they are done speaking, summarize and validate what your spouse has said to you. When you do this, your spouse will believe you were engaged in the conversation and appreciate.

Your attentiveness. the positive effects will then be seen in other areas of your marriage as well. Speak respectfully to your spouse. During a heated argument it can be tempting to blurt out hurtful words or accusations, and if this happens repeatedly it can put a damper on your marriage. Instead of jumping the gun and spewing out the first thing that comes to mind, calmly think about what it is you want to say and choose your words carefully.

You can still speak your mind and express yourself, just do so in a constructive way that isnt going to hurt your partner. A major sore spot in many marriages is when one spouse feels they are constantly being blamed or put down. To avoid this and work through these weak spots avoid using you statements. For example, sentences such as You never or You always. Instead replace the you with I and say things like I feel or I would appreciate.

Doing so will remove any agitation between you and your spouse. Focus on changing yourself. Humans are funny creatures in that they like to try and fix other peoples problems and behaviours instead of focusing on their own. When this happens, theyre usually met with resistance and the outcome is rarely productive. Instead of looking at the areas your spouse needs to work on, focus on your own issues and work towards becoming a better you. Once you do, youll see the changes reflected.

In your spouse. If youre interested in finding out more about how you can change to improve your marriage, visit MarriageGuy and watch the free tutorial presentation. Here you will also learn about the steps you can take to prevent a divorce, and how to make your spouse recommit to your marriage. Commit yourself to improving your marriage. One of the most common reasons couples get.

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