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Unhappy Husband Episode 1

Okay the next big barrier to communicationis putting all the focus on ourselves. My sister has a philosophy that everybody inthe world walks around like these teeny tiny robots going quot;What about me…what about me…whatabout me…what about mequot;? And I think there’s a little bit of truth to it. And the quot;whatabout mequot; concept can get you into trouble, it can be a barrier. And what happens whenwe’re focusing solely on ourselves are these things. Sometimes defensiveness can occur,quot;Well why did you pick on me, why did you say that about me, well that’s not my fault,well I don’t know what you’re talking aboutquot;. Defensiveness because we’re thinking aboutourselves. We can also have a superiority,

quot;Oh well, I’m better than that anyway, I’mbetter than you, okay, I’m the bestquot;. Also a sense of entitlement and a sense of entitlementis quot;You owe me, so do it, okayquot;? This can create a barrier. And ultimately the ego canget in the way when we’re constantly thinking about ourselves because we’re focusing onevery aspect of how the relationship affects us. So obviously focusing solely on our selfcreates a barrier. How do we fix that? Well, we have to get a little empathetic. We haveto communicate, not focusing on only ourselves and what’s in it for us, but how does theother person feel, what does the other person need, what would it be like if I was the otherperson? And then that thought process takes

us out of our self and we’re able to havemore of an open communication and the barrier is gone..

Hello Counselor Dana Joo Woojae Yun Yuseon Lee Jini ENG20160627

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries. / Competition on Worries. Coincidentally, all of our guests today have never been on the show. You’re right. / Yes. Yun Yuseon. (Elegant actress, Yun Yuseon)

Dana. / Dana. Hello. Lee Jini and Joo Woojae. (Models Lee Jini and Joo Woojae) I’m glad we invited Yuseon today. She’s really famous among actors. She even scolds Yun Yeojeong. What was that about? / Why did you scold her?

She was talking about her friends when I commented frankly. She told me I shouldn’t be so rude when adults are talking. About two days later, she called me. quot;It’s me, Yun Yeojeong, the one you yelled at.quot; Is that how it started? / Yes. I look forward to your direct remarks today.

Dana. Actually, a lot of people still think that she’s young. / That’s true. I’m 31 years old now. You are? Sometimes when I’m on a set, a staff member six years younger than me would talk to me as if I was younger than them. Really? / That’s how they treat me.

Then I approach them and tell them that I’m older. People still think I’m very young. I know, Dana. Just go stand over there. He’s doing it on purpose. / He just… That might just be his personality. That makes me more careful. / You have a new album.

Yes. / Dana, go stand over there. Sing us something. / I’ll sing a verse. (Sing us a song!) (quot;Touch Youquot; by Dana) (Just like her baby face, her pure voice doesn’t age) (Her passionate song) (Spreads deep through our hearts) (That was great!)

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