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Stop Drinking Or Divorce

Hi this is Asley Kay from ex recoverysystem dot com and I wanna the questions orconsent I get asked a lot about is from men and women he tell tell me I’m you know I i’m I’m reallyscrewed up I love my ex greatly I think he or she is the one forme and I am just timeline miserable withoutTom and you know what can I do to get backbehind you right now because I feel like I’m Ashley dying andI’m miserable without them

say when I instantly hear that basically the fact when they say my ex is the one from me and you know I need to get them back I’mhave to get them back you know it or awesome going to bemiserable and I’m going to die something when I getthat impression from somebody asking me for help and Sydney in a insulin read by Scottbecause I know I

that person is putting their X on apedestal debt basically that putting themselves in a bit of a hole because did United agiven my ex too much power for them okay if you feel like you’re someone whocan relate to that if you feel like United name Imani recently after yourbreak come you feelin you this is this is the one for me I need to getthis passed back you know if I don’t get its patent back on MainEvent ever be happy again if you feel like that then really youneed to stop

and you know have a have a really bigdeep deep think about what you’re saying becausewhat your my slightly thinking is Andalusian K it’s not actually real just imagine someone elseputting that kind of pressure on me I and thinking 90 your the only one in the world for them that if day in handy they were going to bemiserable for the rest of their lives you know that’s a bit dramatize thebasically that’s the same what kind of

pressure that put on a united to be and she com unit per fall number provide for theSunPass it night frankly it would probablyfreaky out a little bit if you put that much pressure someone’syou know putting you got up on such a highpedestal basically that on feel like you can’t do wrong andthat you’re the only thing that’s keeping them calling KI i’ve

definitely had this experience as welland someone basically told me when I i mind therelationship sours and he basically told me you know life I’m I had any other ambitions in life except for making you happy except foryou okay me I’m and it’s like it’s not that flattering actually two woman whenyou say that hat K pay sickly afsane I have a wifeoutside and he

Adam Ruins Everything Why You Dont Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Oh my God, we’ve been out here for fifteen minutes We need to be hydrating!Everybody drink up. Actually, the risk of dehydration is way overblown. (chuckling) Buhbuhbuh! You’re gonna tell mehydrating is bad? Yeah, right, take a lap. Oh, I’d never make it all the way around.

In America, we’ve become obsessed with the dangersof dehydration. People think that if they’renot constantly drinking water, they risk death. You’re dehydrated. And you’re dehydrated. And, oh, my God, you’re practically a mummy. But that fearis totally baseless.

Yeah, right, bub. Everyone knows you have to drinkeight glasses of water a day. Yeah, everybody knows that, but it’s not true. No study has ever shown or even claimed that. It’s just something people say. Really? Now you tell me. (sarcastic chuckle)Water prevents cramps.

Oh, where’d you hear that? From my coach. And I heard itfrom my coach, and he heard it from his coach, and so on. Well, you didn’t hear it from science, ’cause science says that ain’t true. Well, how much wateram I supposed to drink? Well, you can just drinkwhen you’re thirsty.

That’s crazy,you’re a crazy person. Who are you? Oh, Patty, this is Tamara HewButler. She’s a professor of exercisescience at Oakland University. Our bodies already possess an extremely sensitivemeasure of dehydration. It’s called thirst. As long as we drinkwhen we feel thirsty,

we reallywon’t dehydrate. That’s how humans have done itfor millions of years, and it’s worked out fine. The fact is, truly dangerouslevels of dehydration are incredibly rare and only occur in cases of extreme sickness or isolation. As long as you havefree access to water and you drinkwhen you’re thirsty,

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