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Statistics On Infidelity In Canada

Translator: albana telhai reviewer: fex thaqi Pse tradhtojm? Dhe pse njerzit e lumtur tradhtojn? Dhe kur themi pabesi, far nnkuptojm saktsisht? Nnkupton nj bashkim, histori dashurie, seks me pages, nj dhom chati, nj masazh me fund t lumtur?.

Pse mendojm se burrat mashtrojn nga mrzija dhe frika e intimitetit, por grat mashtrojn nga vetmia dhe etja pr intimitet? Dhe a prbn nj afer gjithmon fundin e nj marrdhnie? Prgjat 10 viteve t fundit, kam udhtuar npr bot dhe kam punuar gjersisht me qindra ifte t cilt kan qn shpartalluar nga tradhtia.

sht nj akt i thjesht shkelje i cili mund ti vjedh nj ifti marrdhnien e tyre, lumturin dhe thelbin e identitetit t tyre: nj afer. E megjithat, ky akt ekstremisht i zakonshm sht kaq pak i kuptuar. Pra, ky diskutim sht pr cilindo q ka dashuruar ndonjeher. Tradhtia bashkshortore ka ekzistuar q kur u shpik martesa,.

Po kshtu dhe tabuja, kunsaj. N fakt, tradhtia ka nj kmbngulje q martesa mund vetm ta ket zili, aq e vrtet sht kjo saq, kjo sht urdhresa e vetme q prsritet dy her n Bibl nj her pr kryerjen dhe hern tjetr vetm pr t menduarit. (T qeshura).

Pra, si mund ta pajtojm at q ndalohet universalisht, dhe po universalisht praktikohet? Prgjat historis, burrat praktikisht kishin licens pr t tradhetuar me pasoja minimale, dhe t mbshtetur nga nj mori teorish biologjike dhe evolucionare q justifikonin nevojn e tyre pr t bredhur,.

Kshtu q standardi i dyfisht sht aq i vjetr sa dhe vet adulteria. Por kush e di se far ndodh n t vrtet atje nn araf, apo jo? Sepse kur vjen fjala te seksi, presioni pr burrat sht q t mburren dhe ta egzagjerojn, por presioni pr grat sht ta fshehin, minimizojn dhe mohojn, ka nuk sht e habitshme kur kujton se ka ende nnt shtete.

Ku grat mund t vriten pr shmangje nga e duhura. Tani, monogamia nnkuptonte nj person pr gjith jetn. Sot, monogamia nnkupton nj person n nj koh. (T qeshura) (Duartrokitje) Them se, shum prej jush mund keni thn.

un jam monogam n t gjitha marrdhniet e mia. (T qeshura) Dikur, n fillim martoheshim, dhe bnim seks pr her t par. Por tani ne martohemi, dhe ndalojm s kryeri seks me t tjert.

The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap

Women in the united states and in western europe are the freest and most liberated in human history. In many ways they are not merely doing as well as men, they are doing better. Women’s emancipation is one of the glories of Western civilization and one of the great chapters in the history of freedom. So, why then are those in the women’s movement, such as the leaders and members of activist groups like the National Organization for Women, the professors in Women’s Studies departments.

At our colleges, and many women in the media, why are they still so dissatisfied? These feminists hardly acknowledge women’s progress. Yes, they concede, that some advances have been made, but the fact that most women reject their activist brand of feminism and think of themselves as free is, for this crowd, proof of just how entrenched patriarchy and inequality truly are: women are so oppressed, they don’t even know it.

Year after year these activists make claims about women and violence, women and depression, women and eating disorders, women and workplace injustice to support their views. Over the years, I have looked carefully at many of these claims. What I have found is that much of the supporting evidence, mostly victim statistics, is misleading and often flat out wrong. Consider the issue of the socalled gender wage gap. How many times have you heard that,.

For the same work, women receive 77 cents for every dollar a man earns? this charge is constantly repeated by feminist activists and their supporters, yet it is so deeply misleading as to border on outright falsehood. The 23cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working fulltime. It does not take account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week.

Now, wagegap activists in groups like the american association of university women or the National Women’s Law Center they say, no, no even when you control for these factors, women still earn less. Well it always turns out that they have omitted one or two crucial data points. Take the case of s. On the surface, it looks like female physicians are clearly victims of wage discrimination they appear to earn less for the same work. But dig a.

Little deeper beneath the surface and you find that women are far more likely than men to enter lower paying specialties like pediatrics or family medicine than higherpaying cardiology or anesthesiology. They are also more likely to work part time. And even women who work full time put in about 7 percent fewer hours than men. Women physicians are also far more likely to take long leaves of absence usually to start a family. Now, there are exceptions, but most workplace pay gaps narrow to the point of vanishing when one accounts for all.

Of these relevant factors. Now, how do the women’s advocacy groups react to this? They insist that women’s choices are not truly free. Women who decide, say, to stay home with children, or to work fewer hours, or to become pediatricians rather than heart surgeons, are held back by invisible barriers or internalized oppression. According to the National Organization for Women,.

Powerful sexist stereotypes steer women and men toward different education, training, and career paths and family roles. But is it really social conditioning that explains women’s vocational preferences and their special attachment to children? Perhaps in the pursuit of happiness, men and women take somewhat different paths. And, isn’t it more than a little patronizing to suggest that most American women are not free? They’re not selfdetermining human beings?.

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