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Saving Your Marriage During Midlife Crisis

How to Stop a Divorce How to Save a Marriage

Hi this is Asley Kay from ex recovery system dot com and I wanna the questions or consent I get asked a lot about is from men and women he tell tell me I’m you know I i’m I’m really screwed up I love my ex greatly I think he or she is the one for me and I am just timeline miserable without Tom and you know what can I do to get back behind you right now because I feel like I’m Ashley dying and I’m miserable without them.

Say when I instantly hear that basically the fact when they say my ex is the one from me and you know I need to get them back I’m have to get them back you know it or awesome going to be miserable and I’m going to die something when I get that impression from somebody asking me for help and Sydney in a insulin read by Scott because I know I.

That person is putting their X on a pedestal debt basically that putting themselves in a bit of a hole because did United a given my ex too much power for them okay if you feel like you’re someone who can relate to that if you feel like United name Imani recently after your break come you feelin you this is this is the one for me I need to get this passed back you know if I don’t get its patent back on Main Event ever be happy again if you feel like that then really you need to stop.

And you know have a have a really big deep deep think about what you’re saying because what your my slightly thinking is Andalusian K it’s not actually real just imagine someone else putting that kind of pressure on me I and thinking 90 your the only one in the world for them that if day in handy they were going to be miserable for the rest of their lives you know that’s a bit dramatize the basically that’s the same what kind of.

Pressure that put on a united to be and she com unit per fall number provide for the SunPass it night frankly it would probably freaky out a little bit if you put that much pressure someone’s you know putting you got up on such a high pedestal basically that on feel like you can’t do wrong and that you’re the only thing that’s keeping them calling K I i’ve.

Definitely had this experience as well and someone basically told me when I i mind the relationship sours and he basically told me you know life I’m I had any other ambitions in life except for making you happy except for you okay me I’m and it’s like it’s not that flattering actually two woman when you say that hat K pay sickly afsane I have a wife outside and he.

On not just going to focus all my energies on me on making you happy on making the relationship quiet I’m just focusing on you and you any that’s the only thing that makes the whole became that is really dangerous when you give someone that panel on the island is it free other pest now and make some question came to i really wanna be with someone he puts me up so high that.

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