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Relationship Problems With Virgo

(lively music) Sexy but scary? We are great at sex, and we are, like, pretty fun to date. Scary, I’ll give youthe scary, absolutely not. I would date andor hook up with one, but I don’t see much more. I know some peoplewill say they wouldn’t

a Gemini because we’reflighty and we don’t commit. See, I feel like I’dbe continually insecure, just like in a perpetualstate of insecurity. I feel like a hipster Gemini. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, that’s so hot. Oh, myfirst crush was a Taurus. I don’t think I could datethem just because I know

how stubborn they are. If you’re trying to datethem and expect compromise, it’s never going to happen. I think they’re great,I think they’re persistent and focused and really supportive. They’re super down to earth. I’m into it, if thisis a precursor, I’m like, give me more Taurus, please.

Yes, I think that’s likethe wife material right there. Very like balanced, probably good for dreamy signs like ours. Libras sounds to me like thekind of person that’s like, okay, so we’re gonna splitthe cheque down exactly. I fall in love with Libras so easily because they’re just so charming. You said Beyonce’s a Virgo, right?

(laughing) Absolutely. Virgo won’t put up with your shit. They’re really good conversationalists. They almost seem unattainable. I think Virgo would gettired of me real quick. I think they’re the idealperson to have a family with when you’re ready for that.

But in terms of like having casual fun and you’re just kinda dating, whatever, I don’t think they’re the ones for that. I imagine an Aquariusopens their bed side drawer and there’s like an arrayof toys and they’re like, whatever you want. Oh, my God. Oh, I think they’d be good in bed, too.

Vedic Astrology Helps Fix Relationships How To Repair Mars Venus Problems in Your Horoscope Chart

Relationship is a complicated problem. Thereis no easy answer to a relationship. People want relationship, but once they are in relationship,there are problems. There are so many reasons, why relationships are, in the first place,it’s difficult to take place because, of various reasons. Why people are not able to attractfor reasons like they are obese, they are not beautiful or not having money. There areso many mundane concerns attracting a relationship. Age is also another concern. I am not goingto go into any of that, nor I am going to go into compatibility problems. quot;Well we likeeach other but we fight all the time togetherquot; or there are issues of control, quot;I want tocontrol, I give orders to controlquot;. These

issues are there. My solution to this relationshipproblem is spiritual. Astrology is a very important factor to belooked into. Two planets control relationship: Mars and Venus. If Mars becomes bad or afflictedin one’s horoscope then this creates a lot of issues in relationship. They are fightingall the time or difficult to attract relationship. Venus creates problems like incompatibility,emotions, excessive emotions or no emotions at all, these kinds of issues. I am prettysure, I am 100% sure that remedy for relationship problem should come from fixing mars and Venusin peoples horoscopes.

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