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Relationship Issues With Friends

I’m Brad Browning, relationship and breakupcoach from Vancouver Canada. Most of my tutorials are aimed at helping you win back an ex girlfriendor ex boyfriend… but to be frank, the very most effective way to reverse a breakup isto avoid it in the first place. So that’s what this tutorial will be all about I’llgive you some tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship and avoid breakups. So, let’s go through some of the thingsyou can do when you’re in a relationship to keep the attraction alive… 1.) Quit being so needy, and keep a lid onthe jealousy.

One of the least attractive characteristicsyou can portray is insecurity. Jealousy and ‘neediness’ are both extreme examplesof insecurity, so they can cause some real damage to a relationship. Jealousy is a natural feeling that we allhave to endure to a certain degree, but the key is to suppress these feelings of jealousyunless you have a very, very good reason to feel jealous. Most of the time, you simplyneed to trust your partner and have faith that he or she is not being disloyal. ‘Neediness’ is a similar attractionkillingtrait. in fact, it’s so common that I

should probably make a tutorial dedicated justto this topic. For the purposes of this tutorial, though, I’ll just leave it at this: noonelikes being in a relationship where your partner is constantly seeking validation, so quitbeing ‘needy’ or ‘clingy’. 2.) Avoid falling into a boring routine. The first few months of any new relationshipare usually exciting and passionate, but things can often quickly become stale if you andyour partner don’t make an effort to keep things interesting. Avoiding boring routines doesn’t requireanything extreme… you don’t have to go

skydiving on Tuesdays and skinny dipping onThursdays, for example… you just have to mix it up enough to avoid either one of youbecoming bored. A romantic weekend getaway, for example, isa great way to break the routine… you could take your partner to a cooking class, tryout the newest restaurant in town, or spontaneously give your partner a small gift. Make an effortto spice things up in the bedroom, too your sex life is just as prone to becoming ‘stale’. 3.) Don’t give up on all your social life. Some people have a tendency to quickly losecontact with friends and colleagues when they

jump into a new relationship. If you’reguilty of this, and you’ve started to grow apart from your friends and social circlesince you entered into your current relationship, then now is the time to reconnect with them. No couple, regardless of how incredibly compatibleand deeply in love they may be, should be spending 100% of their time together. It’svery important to keep other areas of your life intact, too… a wellbalanced sociallife can really help keep your relationship healthy and assist in keeping your jealousyand neediness in check. Generally speaking, your romantic partnershould be one important element of your life,

not the only element. 4.) Swallow your pride and accept responsibility. Arguments are normal in romantic relationships,but you need to learn how to have mature disputes that lead to productive solutions. Yellingand screaming, hurling insults, trying to get ‘revenge’. these are all thingsthat can be toxic to a relationship, so both you and your partner need to learn how tosettle arguments in a mature way. Sometimes, you may need to swallow your prideand apologize to your partner even if you feel like you were ‘right’ and he or shewas ‘wrong’ in a given argument… accept

Unhealthy Relationships

Maybe I’ll just texthim and say that we had to cancel the trip. What? Ali, it’s totally normal to go on a weekend getawaywith a guy that you’ve only been on three dates with,haven’t had sex with. Yeah, it’s totally normal. What is wrong with me?

No, dude, it’ll be fine. No. God, how long does it take to get beer? I know right, and she’slate for everything, but always blames me. That sucks. Yeah, one time I was five minutes late, and she made me pay her $5.

Wait, dude, what? Yeah, it was fine though, it was a joke. It was a bit (beers thudding on roof). Babe, get out, Ali’s newman has to sit in the front. He’s not my boyfriend. Thank you. (giggles) Okay, you’re gross.

(upbeat electronic dance music) Excuse me, driver, doyou have a 4S charger? God, I hate this stupid bit, also update your fucking phone. So have you and your boyfriend does the? Sharpen pencils yet? No they haven’t. He’s not my boyfriend,we haven’t but I think

I’ll be really good’cause like our makeouts, and have me on the dry humpage. I knew you would be good. Oh my god, Jen stop,Ali does not want to hear about her bestfriend’sremarkable sexual prowess. Ugh, you too are sick. Aw, he’s so much cuterthan his Instagram. Hey.

Hey, you need help? Oh, no, I’m good. Ali, he has a fuckingbackpack, he doesn’t need help. Shut up, do I look okay? Brittany Yes. You got it? Yup, brought some wine. Ali Thank you.

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