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Relationship Issues Questionnaire

Dating Rules Indian Guys Need to Follow Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

Being in a relationship for three years you learn something. There are certain rules. Especially if you are dating an Indian girl. Indian girls have a lot of restrictions. Unfortunately! It’s like a. I feel every Indian girl has to lie to her parents to date a guy. Like in a covert Russian spy mission.

She is always on the lookout. Is that my mom? Is that my dad? No. Is that my uncle? Shit! My uncle. Fuck! Moustache. So, what I learnt from this is when her mom calls.

You never disturb that call. Do not disturb ‘the girl and her mother’ call. There are certain signs to know her mom is calling. If her phone’s ringing and she is like. That’s not her mom. If her phone’s ringing like. One second.

And they go into this protective environment. Which has an invisible force field. And like an idiot I asked her, ‘Who are you talking to? Your mom?’ And she said, ‘No! Go away’ You fool! You have any idea what would happen if she knew? Yeah, mommy, I am praying.

We’re chilling. Actually, we are studying. Yeah, mom. Yeah. Never mess with her. I have seen girlfriends turn into hulks. They’ve punched me in the face. It’s very scary. Second rule: Never. This is such a stupid thing, guys. Never try to make your girlfriend jealous.

Just look at the scenario. Just look at the scenario in this club right now. Single guys. Single girls. Few! A single girl in India with a population of a billion… 99% are single guys. Do you know the amount of attention she is getting?.

It is a privilege that she is. For a few months, I will give you my full attention. And you think, ‘Oh! This one girl hit on me. Let me show off. Come on.’ It is the most dumbest thing you can ever do. Also, we guys are very simple. We get happy with simple shit. One girl flirts with me and I’m like ‘Fuck,.

Couples Answer Tough Questions About Adoption

(playful music) Do we want kids in the future? Yes. And we would consider having children in the future. Yeah, we’d like to expand our family naturally, and also taking in a child which hasn’t been given the start to life that it deserved. OK, so gender.

Mehmet Obviously male. Hoa Female. Female. OK. I’m happy with a male baby or a female baby. If we have a girl, though, he would spoil her and she would be a bitch. So much. Age of child.

I would adopt a teenager. I think it would be fun. Marcel A teenager? You think it would be fun? Yeah. I’d be happy to take in a baby, to be honest. But a baby’s a lot of work, so Yeah, but it’s gonna be a lot of work anyway. American Indian or Alaskan Native?.

All of them. Race, ethnicity, I don’t care what the race is, to be honest. I don’t know about if they didn’t speak English, ’cause I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them. That seems like a really scary thing to be taking a child who doesn’t speak your language. I feel like that’s traumatic.

I’m gonna say no to that one. OK, dental problems, may include tooth decay, missing teeth, crowded. Yeah, I mean Corey Yeah. We’re gonna get that kid braces. Tendency to reject father figures. No. Well, that’s not gonna work.

OK, birth history, low birth weight or premature. Even my friend just had a premature baby, and they’re just like so thrilled just to have this beautiful little girl. I don’t know if I would be. Like, I’m already about if I would be a good enough mother for, like, a healthy baby. I just think it’s like, it’s little.

You would honestly be OK with, like, a kid that had all these issues? Then we don’t know what it’s like. I’m not a shitty person. I didn’t say you were a shitty person. Becky I’m just nervous about like my first kid having all of that stuff. Corey I understand.

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