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University Advice Tips for Freshers Lecturers Drinking Uni Life Tips for Tuesday

Hello everyone and welcome to the ultimate channel for student i know its still small but it will grow, so for those who do not know me, my name is francesca and I am currently a 4th year at exeter university so I do have some kind of wisdom I can pass on. And I do believe that you guys deserve the best fresh start ever so if you are about to go to university or if you in university still a uni student i think these playlists and my channel will definitely be relevant to you, so this particular tutorial is a tips for tuesday tutorial and it’s.

Part of my bigger playlist. so my tip number one is make sure you connect with your lecturers. Alright if you are in first year maybe that’s not that big of a deal if you don’t but if you are in second, third year and even fourth year, you definitely want to have this kind of connection and get to know your lecturer and them getting to know you. But the more you get through the rankings of this Russel group, the more the lecturers are qualified experts in their field, that means that they have lodes of contacts throughout the UK even.

Internationally. just make sure you make friends with them because if you manage to get a reference by one of your lecturers it’s like backing up your cv with a qualified expert in a certain field saying this person is great, is a great student, very interactive, very enthusiastic, and it definitely gives your cv more credibility for when you apply for jobs or for whatever you want to do later on. My second tip would be do not crazy budget, oh my goodness, so many people when they start budgeting they think ok I will spend 5 pounds for this, 5.

Pounds for that and 10 pounds for that and they get with this crazy list, impossible list of this is exactly how i am going to spend my money. Things happen, you get drunk in a night out and you buy those extra drinks, you know like anything can happen and anything can disrupt that crazy budget so when you budget make sure you come out with the cash so that you know exactly what you are aloud to spend. Alright so now a tip that I think most of you will need: lots of people, when they talk.

About themselves, they start talking about their situations back home, their friends back home, their family back home, their pet dog back home, all of this is fine in the first few conversations if you want to include that you have a dog and you love your dog, and your dog is named this, and your best friend is named that and your family members are named this, this is fine. However I do really advise you to like you know like slow down on it like the first few days thats fine but then quit talking about home, people are.

Not interested, unless they actually ask you a question about you and back home do not bring it up all the time, some people actually do thats why i am saying this because these people tend to have a bad reaction from others, I know someone whos like yea just like my friend back home they always used to do this and then they start talking about this friend back home and yea, you want people to want to hang out with you. And now lets go in my tip number 4: dont feel like you have to drink, alright? This is something.

That is kind of a taboo tthing like not a lot of people want to say this, but a lot of people think that I have to drink to like, be part of the kids you know like, you dont have to, I dont and I turned out fine. It’s not about what you do, its more about how you react to how people react to what you do or dont do in my case, ok so lets give an example: so I go out, I go out a lot, I go to a lot of predrinks and I meet new people in a lot of predrinks so i keep meeting new people. And everytime these new people say.

Hey have a bit of my drink and i’m just like no thanks it’s fine, tonight im not drinking, what what do you mean you dont drink? omg i cant believe she doesnt drink y’all! whats up, whats the matter? are you sick? and im just like i pick my occasions very very carefully but yea i just dont drink and some of them insist and puts us in this awkward position sometimes call others yo, did you know that this girl didnt drink, omg like please somebody get that girl a drink at this point most people that i know who dont drink like me.

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