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Relationship Break Up Songs Lyrics

Yo guys whats up welcome back to a new tutorial So today I’ve got something a little bit different for you guys I Want to say a quick thank you to Martina For sending this idea in I Know a lot of you have been requesting this prank idea At first I was a bit hesitant about doing this prank.

It just seems a bit too easy *lip smack* but I’ve seen how much you guys love this prank so I said why not? I’ll do it, just for you guys. like hundreds of you guys have been requesting this prank.

Well maybe not hundreds but quite a lot of you have been requesting the song lyric prank so i have been checking everybody out on I’ve been checking out these song lyric pranks and I’m sorry to say but I’ve come to the conclusion that there all fake that includes the person who started this trend Mike Fox he did a rant tutorial saying anybody that uses this prank i think it’s out of order you have too give me recognition.

You have to say you got it from me okay mike i got this prank idea from you and now I’m gonna show you how to do a real song lyric prank so emma’s going to mum’s house this evening and I’ve teamed up with Emma’s mum behind her back I’ve given her a camera explained how to use it.

And she’s gonna set it up and when she’s in position with emma she’s gonna send me a quick text saying now’s a good time to text her and we’re gonna be getting all of Emma’s reaction on camera as im texting her the song lyric prank as soon as you guys know that I haven’t just got two phones, texting myself, laughing my ass off editing it five minutes and doing a quick shitty tutorial I’m putting effort to do real pranks with you guys.

So, if you’re enjoying the real pranks if you appreciate the hard work that Emma and I put in to deliver real pranks for you guys make sure you go down there and give me a big thumbs up because I,I do appreciate that, I do appreciate that you guys are enjoying the tutorials and we put in so much work for you, so yeah and by the way send us some QA questions down below ’cause Emma and I are doing a QA on our vlog channel And if you haven’t subscribed to the vlog channel yet.

Just a prank.

Breaking Up When Youre Still In Love

nobody’s gonna believe it though, right? I mean, when somebody says it’s mutual, I’m like, It’s never really mutual. Isn’t it, though? Isn’t it what? Mutual?.

yeah. Yeah. When’s your flight, again? It’s the only thing we can do. Well, we can wait like a month or two and then just reconsider. No.

I’ve done long distance before. It made us hate each other. I don’t want us to hate each other. Maybe I’ll visit in August. Oh, that would be amazing! On the other hand,.

Maybe it’ll be easier if we don’t see each other. This job better be awesome You made the right choice. (cell phone vibrates) Hello. Yes, this is Michael.

Oh. Well, I’m thrilled to hear that. No, no, I’m not in town right now, but I will start making plans at the end of the semester. I’m looking forward to it. Congratulations.

i am not gonna miss the pee pee sheets though. Shut up. It’s a mattress cover. Stop. What it is this? You’re making it worse. Aw, it’s cute.

no, it’s embarrassing. Come on back here Won’t ya I know that you are full of doubt I’m pretty sure that we can sort it out Maybe I should I get a new one I have to bring in.

Some new guy home. Why would you say that? I’m sorry. That was. It’s okay. Thank you. Thank you.

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