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I was blinded. he hurt me and blamed me for it all. He said I made him mad, told me I should have known better and stormed out. But he tried to fix it. He gave me flowers and told me he was sorry.

Inside Amy Schumer Abusive Couple

( chuckling ) Well, can I just say I love it here and I definitely wanna be your housemate. Awesome, great, um. I do need to warn you about one thing. So you haven’t met Amy yet, she’s great.

She does have a boyfriend who comes over a lot and they fight. Oh, well, all couples fight, I think. Uh, it’s crazy, it’s really shocking the things that they say to each other. ( voices approaching ) All your thoughts are.

Here we go. .from elderly people, from old people, yeah. You know what you are, you’re a poop person. I’m a poop person? God pooped in his hand, threw it at earth and you’re that poop.

Oh, our lord and savior poops in his hand? You know what, I hope you have to sneeze like. and it just doesn’t happen for you. I hope that you get stuck in traffic lights and you just miss the green one! ( gasping ).

I hope that the next time that you go to a wedding you’re wearing the same dress as someone else and it becomes the joke of the night. You have to take pictures with that person. Well, I hope that next time you watch an episode of Homeland that the DVR cuts out before you see scenes from the next week.

So to find out what happened you have to just like ask around the office or look online like a homeless person! And I hope that the next time you go to a concert that the band doesn’t play the song you wanna hear and instead, they just play songs off their new album!.

Oh, god! Or like a jam session or something. I think we might need to call the police. Katia, get in here, he’s lost his damn mind! Whoa, Oh, my God, Oh, my God. David, put that down.

David, this isn’t you. You don’t wanna do this. ( screaming ) ( crying ) You need to leave right now. Is that what you want, Amy?.

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