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Problems With Marriage Of Convenience

Indian Parents on Love and Intercaste Marriage Yathartha Pictures

Do you believe in love marriage? Of whom? Children’s or mine? Children’s! I would be happy if they choose their partners. I’m sure they’d choose well. It is common nowadays. Everybody approves it. I won’t approve.

Why don’t you approve love marriage? The way we did get married is better: the arranged one. Love marriage also works out. But I believe it has a much lower success rate. Conflicts might arise between couples more often because of higher expectations. So when the marriage is arranged

and the couple is guided by their parents’ experience, it increases their sense of responsibility. Will you get married to a girl from a different caste? Mostly I won’t. It completely depends upon my family’s decision. We should listen at least to onehalf of our parent’s advices.

So, would your parents approve? If I could convince them, yeah! They’ll totally support us. I don’t like all these! I prefer my religion. And if your daughter wants to get married to a person from a different caste or religion, will you approve that?

I’ll prefer avoiding such situations. But if my daughter stays determined to marry no one but that person then I won’t mind. We can’t approve such things. Our marriages are decided on the grounds of caste. The boy and the girl should match in their thinking and if children can bear the responsibility, then we’ll support them; that’s all!

People from any religion would be accepted but not a Christian or a Muslim! But what if the guy is Muslim and even if your daughter still loves the same person, would you then allow? God forbid! If it happens, the boy or girl would be ostracized by the community.

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