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Marriage Problems Third Year

They grew up playing together, sharing each other’s secrets, troubling one another and eventually falling in love. The world calls people of this kind ‘childhood sweethearts’. That is exactly what Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta were. The ‘perfectionist’ proposed to Reena Dutta when he turned 21 and the families were against their relationship for obvious reasons. She came from a practising Hindu family and he, from a Muslim one. The two were madly in love and eloped and got married on April 18, 1986.

Aamir decided to keep his marriage under wraps until his film qayamat se qayamat tak released. The film turned out to be a huge hit and that is when he went public about his marital status. Aamir and Reena were blessed with two children, Junaid and Ira. Everything went well until one day Reena decided to walk with her bags out of Aamir’s house and life. Apparently, it was Aamir’s flirtatious ways that irked Reena who had been patient enough to keep giving him second chances a million times.

The couple divorced in the year 2002, after the actor’s succesful film lagaan released. The producer of this blockbuster was Aamir’s wife Reena Dutta. Reena won the custody of both her children and she then moved on to live separately. One main thing that made matters sour between the two was Aamir’s fling with British journalist Jessica Hines. The two have a child together. The scoop was unraveled by leading Indian film magazine ‘Stardust’ and their cover story.

Claimed that aamir had an illicit relationship with hines and was the father of her twoyearold son, Jaan. According to the article, Aamir met Hines on the sets of ‘Ghulam’. They eventually landed into a live in relationship. It also suggested that Hines got pregnant and every thing changed overnight. Apparently, right when things were going perfect between the two, Aamir allegedly told Hines to abort the child or forego their relationship. The article suggested that Hines.

Refused to oblige and gave birth to ‘jaan’. and, continued to live in london with her son. In fact, Stardust Editor Sonali Jaffer at that time, said that the article was true. We are very certain about the authenticity of this. If he wants, he can ask for the DNA test. We were very confident about what we were covering. There was no point in getting into fake denials. But when we thought wounds were healed and the time was right, we published.

The pictures. as you see, she is not very remorseful, she is not vindictive or anything towards Aamir Khan. I think she was accepting about it and his stance, Jaffer said. Everything should be directed to Aamir Khan from now onwards. We have said what we have to through articles and know he should go ahead and clear this stance. Why should we justify what we have written? It is upto him to justify. If he has to deny, let him deny, she added.

Later, truth prevailed and jessica clarified and said, the recent use of photos of my son in magazines and other media is a shocking infringement of his human rights. As a minor, he is afforded privacy and the right to grow up unmolested by the media. At no point did I consent to the use of these photos, by Stardust or any other media. They have been used against my explicitly stated desire for Jaan’s privacy. Furthermore, at no point did I give an interview, she added.

It was only fair on reena’s part to take such a decision. Reena Dutta and Aamir khan, the once upon a time sweethearts, have moved on in their repective lives. They were married for a good 15 years before they called it splits. In 2005, Aamir Khan married Kiran Rao, the woman who was the assistant director to Ashutosh Gowariker for Lagaan. He has been quite faithful to her as until now. The couple announced the birth of their son, Azad Rao Khan in 2011 the birth was through a surrogate mother.

How the Fk We Got Here Donald Trump The GOPs Perfect Match The Daily Show

So, uh, clearly, there’s no love lost between trump and cruz. Uh, and that also turns out to be true between Trump and most Republican leaders. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. I’m very concerned for our country if we nominate him. This is gonna be a disaster for the Republican party.

He’s very dangerous for the country, I think he’s very dangerous for the party. Donald Trump, as president, I believe, would be a disaster. This party does not prey on people’s prejudices. Donald Trump does not represent me, and he does not represent my party.

Donald trump does not represent the, uh, republican party. He doesn’t represent the Republican party or its values. Wow. That’s, like, new stepdad levels of hate. Like, (bleep) you, Donald, you’ll never be my dad. I mean, nominee!.

I geti get why the party’s so upset that Trump’s heading towards their nomination, you know? Because he says and does some pretty outthere things. Uh, but along with their concerns, surely Republicans are asking themselves how they got to the point where there’s a possibility that the next face of their party.

Also happens to be the face of a butternut squash who wished on a shooting star and became a real, live boy. Like, in other words, they must be asking themselves, How the (bleep) did we get here? And tonight we take a look at exactly that.

In our ongoing coverage, how the (bleep) we got here. (cheering, applause) So, this is the big question for Republicans: why is their voter base going for someone like Donald Trump? A man they say isn’t even a true Republican.

But isn’t he? Well, let’s start with what’s pretty much his central message. This country is a mess. You don’t hear good news about this country. We just never win. We don’t win with the military.

We don’t win with trade. The country is going to hell in a handbasket. We have to rebuild our country. We’re like a thirdworld country. Uh, nno, Donald Trump, you’re not like a thirdworld country.

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