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Marriage Counseling Vh1

(instrumental guitar music) Jenn Is being told what to do something that bothers you in all areas of your life? Is this happening now? When you are in a room with me, therapy is always happening.

damn. (Try Guys Theme) Zach Today we’re doing group therapy. I’m super amped on this. I’ve never been to therapy, but I’ll do it. I dunno what it’s about, but I’ll do it.

i don’t really see the point of it. What could go wrong? What could go wrong? So many things. I’m Jenn. In unison Hi, Jenn.

welcome to therapy. Should we lie down on each other? You don’t have to. We’re not doing Freudian analysis, but I do want you to be comfortable. Lay on him.

I think therapy is super useful, and not something that anyone should ever be afraid of. So what do you do? I’m a shrink. I do individual therapy, couples’ therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.

This is almost like work therapy. You probably eat together, you talk in between shoots together. We’ve slept together. We have slept together. There, you sleep together.

not the coolest kind, yet. Not the coolest kind. Yeah. The G kind. We’re great friends, we work together a lot. We work together really well,.

But i don’t think we’re perfect, and I’m really excited to see, you know, are there underlying issues? Why should I pay someone to talk to me, when I could just talk to someone? When you sit down with a professional,.

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