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Marriage Counseling Simi Valley

David stamps: one thing that i have always heavily relied on is I have to perform my best effort. I have to a work ethic that is bar none. I don’t have any other choice. And as a first generation college student who came from the inner city, no one really expects that from you either, so it’s nice to surprise people. (Music) .

And so for six years i worked for nbc universal. I’ve probably worked on anywhere from 80 to 90 films. And so towards the end of my time at NBC universal, I started to manage our internship program. Which meant that I was working closely with CSUN to recruit interns for the public relations department.

And i realized i like working with college students. I love what I do and I think I’m really good at it and I think I can be a good teacher. And so I realized that in order to do that, I would have to go back to school. My advisor, Wall, she said if you want to become a tenure tract professor, you’re going to need to get your masters, your PH.D., you’re going to have to start doing research and writing papers.

And get published and go to conferences. All of this while you are also a full time dad working three part time jobs, you need to get this done. And so that’s what the next two years were for me. Some people hold fast to stereotypes because it challenges their way of life and makes them uncomfortable and they have to stretch.

My thesis is called the wematterproject. It delves into how we use media and how we use social media and digital activism to change the narrative. We have to be equipped to understand that no one can tell our story but ourselves. And so that’s what the WeMatterProject is geared towards, changing the narrative and telling the truth.

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