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Marriage Counseling Questionnaire

Marriage counselor: bradley, tell me how old you are, please. BRADLEY: 28 years old. MARRIAGE COUNSELOR: What do you do for a living? BRADLEY: Inhome sales. MARRIAGE COUNSELOR: Okay. And Lisa, what about you? LISA: I’m 28. I’m a teacher.

Marriage counselor: okay. teacher. And how long have you guys been married? BOTH: 10 years. MARRIAGE COUNSELOR: Okay. At least we’re in agreement about that. Do you have any children? LISA: No.

Marriage counselor: no children. Do you want children? LISA: I do. MARRIAGE COUNSELOR: Okay. Bradley? BRADLEY: I just think we need to be in a better place.

Before we bring somebody else into it. MARRIAGE COUNSELOR: Okay. Do you wanna say something, Lisa? I love him. It’s just that I think people change. Don’t you agree? Yeah. They do. I often feel like we become a lot of different people.

Before we actually settle into who we are. Especially when we’re young. LISA: We were 18. I’m not the same little girl that was in love with him in high school. BRADLEY: But I still love you. Tell me what you want me to do. I promise I can change.

Tell me, please. Just don’t do that. I can’t do this. I’m sorry. Bradley, don’t. I’m sorry. I don’t wanna hurt him. He deserves better.

Better than you? Yeah. Why do you feel that way? He’s a good guy. He’s consistent and loving. But I feel like we’re roommates and not husband and wife.

You met someone? And he’s showing you everything you’ve been missing. This new guy, he excites you. He buys you flowers and he tells you that you’re beautiful. He says all the things that Brad doesn’t. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not here to judge you.

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