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Marriage Counseling Phoenix

Fort Worth Marriage Counseling With Tracy Crain 817 2834300

Tracy Crain offers Fort Worth marriage counseling to those who desire a happier and healthier marriage. Based in Colleyville, Texas she specializes in Marriage, Family, Addiction Abuse issues. It's a basic human need to share your thoughts and feelings with a supportive listener who can help you find ways to improve your situation. Tracy Crain has over 16 years of experience working as a Fort Worth marriage counseling expert. Do you need help with creating a happy and lasting marriage Fort Worth marriage counseling expert Tracy Crain can help. Please contact Tracy Crain today at 817 2834300.

SAGE Center Marriage and Relationship Counseling for Scottsdale

Marriage counseling scottsdale marital problems scottsdale save marriage scottsdale marriage help scottsdale fix marriage scottsdale fix my marriage scottsdale relationship advice scottsdale Some people have trouble with their partner, and some of us have real heartache, pain and sadness when we see our love and closeness falling apart before our very eyes! I may want to save my relationship or just find a better way to communicate with my partner but there are so many 'professional' counselors that I don't know where to start. That's why SAGE exists, to help people like us.

Marriage Relationship Advice How to Find a Marriage Counselor

Hi, I'm Patti German and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here in New York City. In this clip, we're going to talk about how to find a marriage counselor. It's very, very daunting to not know who to go to when your relationship is in trouble. I highly recommend that you go to a website called the American Association for Marriage and Therapists. And in this website you can find a therapist in your zip code in your area and read through the bios and the qualifications. I think it's very, very important that you work with someone.

Scottsdale Couples Counseling by The Couples Expert Scottsdale

Hi, I'm Stuart Fensterheim. I'm a family counselor in North Scottsdale. I've lived in North Scottsdale now for some time, and just absolutely love this community. I love DC Ranch and Troon and Pinnacle Peak, and just all the different beautiful areas here. Arizona is really now a hometown for me. I've been here now probably about 20 years, and just really have felt a commitment to the community to help with the relationships that people struggle with here. I really feel like I have something to offer. My training with emotionally focused.

Therapy has really helped the families in the North Scottsdale area, and I wanna really give back to the community. The relationships that people have come to see me that have been struggling through the ability to really guide them with their issues of trust and some infidelity issues, but more the emotional barriers that people have with one another. And what's exciting for me, through my training with emotionally focused therapy, I now have a map, it's truly a map, that we now know how to help couples and families have a real bond with one another. And it's.

Paradise Valley Couples Counseling with The Couples Expert Scottsdale

Hi, I'm Stuart Fensterheim. I'm a family counselor in the Scottsdale Paradise Valley area. One of the things that I love about Paradise Valley is Camelback Mountain and just really how gorgeous it is. And the reason I know so much about Paradise Valley is that I have family that lives there. And that's actually one of the reasons that I decided to open my practice nearby. Because of the commitment that I have to the residents of Paradise Valley, particularly because my brother lives there and wanting very much to give back to that community to.

Help them with the most important relationships in their lives, which is their marriages and partnerships with the people that are so important to them. I really wanted to do something with this community to help them really develop that strong bond that couples need to have with one another. One of the reasons that that's so important is, I think, one of the reasons that I decided to go into this field is what I recognized as I was getting my degree. Is that if I can help people with their relationships, their marriages, and their partnerships, I'm.

Actually helping generations upon generations of families establishing a close bond with one another. And if that bond is there, almost everything else works. That bond really makes the difference in people's happiness regarding depression. If you're a resident of PV and you struggle with some of the stresses that come from living in that community. If you have a partner that you really feel close connected to, you can do it together. You work this out together and the stresses that you have become really, fairly easy because you have that person and it's a team effort. You can really share what your stress is,.

Minon Maier, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Therapy With Heart

So my name is Minon Maier, and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist at Therapy with Heart. I do therapy with individuals, couples, families. And what I do is, I tend to look at it as if we're on a journey together. So whatever it is that brings you in, I'm here to help you through that, and I'm here to take this journey with you until you get to your ending point. I am trained in EMDR counseling, I do work with substance abuse, I work with teens, with families,.

Conflict in families, conflict with couples, or even just that disconnect that we tend to run into in life. And so my goal is to get you into counseling and get you through whatever you wanna work on as quickly and as safely and as enjoyably as possible. So I use EMDR to work with people on major traumas, major losses, and also any negative beliefs about themselves or their relationships or their world. And so what EMDR is, it's a very quick and very effective form of therapy that helps reprocess just funky thoughts that we all have.

And so it can be really big traumas or losses or it could be little things that happen daytoday that lead us to change in the way that we think about ourselves and the world. And so what we do is we get those bad thoughts out, those bad beliefs out, and we put in some good ones, so that you're feeling better and that your interactions with relationships or the world around you are better. I also do EFT. So I use EFT with couples and that's EmotionallyFocused Therapy, and we focus on the underlying emotions that lead to disconnect in relationships, and I can do that with couples or families.

Counseling San Jose 408 8005736 Addicted family members

Hi. My name is Michelle Farris and I'm a psychotherapist in San Jose, California. And I want to talk to you today about what to do if a family member is addicted. So, the first thing is I want you to look at all the time and energy and money you've spent trying to get them help. And ask yourself, has it worked Are they in treatment Are they any better Because if they're not, the first step for you would be to stop. Stop trying to get them help because.

Really what they need is to hit bottom. And I know that's hard to hear, but you know, the addict or alcoholic needs to experience the consequences of their own addiction first. And a lot of times, if you've already tried getting a therapist for them, trying to get them into treatment and it hasn't worked, then part of what you need to do is start preserving your own resources emotionally and get the focus off of them and onto yourself. This is what's called detachment. It's, you know, you're still in a relationship with.

Them, you still want to love them and appreciate who they are in your life, but you may be at this point wanting to not participate in the disease and not participate when they're drunk or high because it really doesn't serve a purpose anymore at this point. And you can't control it anyway. So, that's really the first step, I would say, is to take the focus off of them and what they're doing, as crazy as it is, and redirect that focus to you and your family. Start taking care of yourself again because a lot of families end up neglecting.

Their own health, neglecting their hobbies and their emotions because they're so overwhelmed with the addiction. That's step one. Step two is start to practice detachment. And detachment is you are going to be able to let go of what they're doing. As painful as it is to watch, you now recognize that their behavior is really based on the disease right now and you can't change it anyway, so all you can do is be light and polite, take care of yourself. Still have a relationship with them, if that's what you choose. That's totally OK, but really.

Isa Jones, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Sexologist

Hi. My name is Isa Jones, and I'm a sex and couples therapist with a background in marriage and family therapy. As a sex and couples therapist, I create a very safe and comfortable space for you to discuss and resolve some of your most difficult and very personal life challenges. I specialize in couples' communication and reconnection which involves enhancing both the emotional and physical relationship. I teach couples how to recapture and fuel their relationships with erotic desire. I also work with couples to heal and recover from the devastating impacts that an affair can have, as well as treating many other sexual concerns.

Ultimately, I do this work because I see sex as an amazing gift with incredible potential to nurture ourselves and revitalize our relationships. You know when sex is good it's a place of renewal and a refuge, of fun and comfort. Great sex invigorates us and bonds us together. It's our sexual relationship that distinguishes us as lovers without it, we become roommates, and with this, we create disconnection and distance. And often as a result, people get angry and frustrated and become resentful and withdrawn in their relationships. So if you're having these kinds of challenges or if you're in need of some support,.

Strengthening relationships through VA counseling

My name's Sergio. I entered the Marine Corp in June 2003. And I was honorably discharged November of 2007. So once I came back, I started working again. You think things are going to be the same. You want to see family and friends, but people have moved on. So things are different, and it's just hard to gain your bearings on that. In the Marine Corp you're taught to have discipline. Things are rigid. Things are in order. Everything's pretty much the same to everyone. But that's usually not the case.

You want to be different with everybody. You're not going to be the same person you are with your fellow sergeants, with your wife. You have to act differently. You care for them in different ways. The military life, it's hard to leave that hat at the door. So when you're at home, you want to be the loving, caring person that you are. But it's hard in the military. It's hard to distinguish. I've always been the type of person selfimprovement, there's always resources. Growing up, I knew there was always resources available.

You just have to ask and you would seek help. Before I was married, I was engaged, we wanted to seek premarital counseling. I thought that would be a good idea, so I went to the VA, and I found out they offered couples counseling. And me and my wife took that route, and we did a fourweek program with the VA. It helped just bring about communication in the relationship, how to deal with conflict management, shared meaning, and it was a tremendous help. It changed my wife and I relationship, and I think that.

Prepared us for marriage. And it helped so much, we did the program twice, so we spent eight weeks doing the couples counseling. And I think that was a great benefit the VA provided. I recommend that to many of the Vets that come back. Because I know they want to help their family. They want to better improve their relationship with their spouse, their significant other. And that's what I did, and I owe it to the VA. My relationship would probably not be the same right now if I.

Christian Counseling Services Online

I'd like to spend a few moments to tell you a little bit about our counseling services that we offer. Our counselors have masters and doctoral level degrees in clinical Christian counseling psychology, we are each licensed with the National Christian Counselors Association and our counselors have extensive experience. We also have male and female counselors to serve you. So it's important to let you know we are not part of a particular church our counselors are ordained ministers and attend church but because of this we are able to minister to all denominations and backgrounds. We minister to Catholics, Pentecostals, , Evangelicals,.

Even people with really no church background. We do individual, marriage and family counseling. And we also have programs for premarriage, premarital counseling. One part of our ministry too also involves ministering and deliverance. Helping people get freedom from strong holds and bondages and there's information on that elsewhere on the website. We are a 501c 3 nonprofit corporation and our services are provided according to a sliding income scale. We have offices in Tampa and Clearwater Florida but we are also able to minister and counsel people worldwide via the internet and Skype. I should.

Also mention that we have a counseling academy that focuses on education and training. Okay what do we believe Very simply, let me say that full information on our beliefs are on the website but let me let you know quite clearly that we believe in the present day ministry and the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit. In a nutshell we believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and he's still doing today what he did when he walked bodily on the earth. An important aspect of our counseling services understands.

Temperaments. How God made you. And for that we use a clinical diagnostic tool that is called the Arnold profile system. It is very helpful in helping us to counsel you effectively. We want to emphasize too that we use biblical principles and teaching in our counseling. We do not use secular humanism or psychology books and worldly principles. We believe that counseling should come from the word of God and also be based upon the power of God. What happens in the first session Basically it's an interview, it's an opportunity.

For us to get to know you and you get to know us. Typically is an hour long. We gain background information about the issues that you are facing and we answer questions and then based upon that determine a ministry path with you. Okay what should you do next First of all explore our website. Both the counseling and the academy website you can sign up for our newsletter. Connect with us on Facebook if you are so inclined in the social networking realm or call us at the 1800 number or if you prefer to contact us by email please do.

CouplesMarriage Counseling Crossroads Family Counseling Phoenix And Scottsdale Relationship Centers

CouplesMarriage Counseling Crossroads Family Counseling Phoenix And Scottsdale Relationship Centers,.

Relationship Counseling For Couples And Marriages At Crossroads Phoenix And Scottsdale Centers.It is time to be happy again with relationship couples and marriage counseling and therapy at Crossroads Phoenix and Scottsdale Relationship Centers..

Couples Counselor Phoenix - (602) 532-0335.mp4..

Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling And Couples Therapy In Phoenix.Phoenix Scottsdale couples counseling and therapy from a marriage therapist at Relationship Counseling Center is available for all types of relationships..

Hellen Chen, Relationship Consultant And Marriage Counselor, Interview On Phoenix TV.Hellen Chen, Relationship Consultant and Marriage Counselor, was interviewed on Phoenix TV about her matchmaker experience. She gave valuable advice..

SAGE Couples And Marriage Counseling For Scottsdale/Phoenix..

Premarital Counseling At Crossroads Family Counseling Phoenix And Scottsdale Relationship Centers

Premarital Counseling At Crossroads Family Counseling Phoenix And Scottsdale Relationship Centers,Happily Ever After is a choice! Build a strong foundation in your marriage with Premarital Counseling at Crossroads Family Counseling Center, LLC..

Crossroads Family Counseling Center, Couples Cycle..

Crossroads Family Counseling Phoenix And Scottsdale Relationship Centers.Crossroads Family Counseling Center offers individual, couples, and family counseling services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Anthem Arizona..

Couples Therapy | Save My Marriage | Relationship | Phoenix | Jane Fendelman..

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