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Critical Care Paramedic 8 Respiratory Care in the Air

So we’re going to talk about the utilization of critical care paramedics in the air medical industry. This talk was originally made for respiratory therapists, so there are some minor deviations. As far as my style of teaching, ask questions all you want.

If you have to go smoke, go smoke. Go pee, whatever. Pretty laid back, so. I guarantee you, this is in every one of my presentations. And what you’re going to find out through today is,.

I only have one presentation. I just rearranged the slides and tell it in a different order. You guys are going to be working side by side with paramedics, nurses, firefighters, physicians, respiratory therapists.

They’re going to say, you know what? I’ve been doing this five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years. I have seen it all; I have done it all. Is that true? October 1 is my 17th year with Flight for Life.

Somewhere around 2,200 flights. I guarantee you, every time that phone rings, every time that pager goes off, I still get the heebiejeebies. You have no idea in the world. Much like your line of work right now, when that pager goes off, you have.

No idea what you’re going into. And the coolest thing about this profession is, you guys get reminded every day how much you don’t know. Medicine changes every day. You’re never going to know it all. This was from when we just put out a bunch of new nursing.

Recruits through our transport team. This is one of the guys said is, welcome to transport nursing. 90% boredom, 10% sheer terror. If you ever have that attitude, go sell shoes. For me, it’s 100% sheer terror all the time. Like I said, things change constantly.

Hopefully today after my talks, you guys won’t be in this situation. I’ve been awake for like, going on I think, three days now, so maybe I will be. But as far as transport medicine goes, again, you always want to be the one giving the patient off.

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