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Marriage Counseling Kingman Az

gt;gt; coming up next on arizona Horizon, a new legal battle brewing in Arizona with national implications. We’ll get details on a class action lawsuit involving the.

Best interests of native American children involving foster care and adoption. And we’ll dive into the world of nonprofit employment, next on Arizona Horizon.

gt;gt; arizona horizon is made possible by contributions from the Friends of Eight, members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you. gt;gt; Good evening and welcome to.

arizona horizon, i’m christina Estes in for Ted Simons. After a recent riot and disturbances at the privately run state prison in Kingman, Governor Doug Ducey has asked.

For an investigation. In a letter sent to state prisons Director Charles Ryan, the governor said, It is critical we understand how these incidents occurred and how we.

Prevent them in the future. The Governor also said the public needs assurances prisons, if state run or privately run, they are under control. The number of children.

Unaccompanied from central America has fallen significantly from the record surge last year. That’s 30,000 fewer than the same time period the year before.

The first case of the west nile virus has been reported this year in Maricopa County. Health officials say a man in his 50s displayed flulike symptoms but was not.

Journalists Roundtable 3416

gt;gt;gt; coming up next on arizona Horizon’s Journalists’ Roundtable, controversy at the capitol over an atheist lawmaker’s prayer. gt;gt;gt; And governor Ducey says he.

Will back the gop nominee even if it’s youknowwho. The Journalists’ Roundtable is next on Arizona Horizon. gt;gt;gt; Arizona Horizon is made possible by contributions from.

The friends of arizona pbs, members of your PBS station. Thank you. gt;gt;gt; Good evening and welcome to Arizona Horizon’s Journalist” Roundtable, I’m Ted Simons.

Joining us tonight. Mary Jo Pitzl of the Arizona Republic. Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services. And Luige Del Puerto of the.

Arizona capitol times. gt;gt;gt; An atheist state lawmaker’s invocation to open yesterday’s session in the house of representatives set off quite the brouhaha.

What is this all about? gt;gt; Well, this is a continuation of sort of a mini brouhaha that started last month when house rule came out with the Senate definition of what is prayer.

Every day, the house opens its business with a pledge and prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. And usually that duty is rotated among the various lawmakers.

Yesterday for reasons that we might get into a little further, that fell to representative Juan mendez. He stood up, he gave his invocation, invoking that we’re.

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