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Hi, i’m patti german and i’m a licensed marriage and family therapist here in new york city. In this clip, we’re going to talk about warning signs of a controlling relationship. It’s very difficult to maintain a relationship when you’re feeling very controlled by your partner. And the first indication is that you start to not feel safe, and you don’t feel good about yourself when you are around your partner. Controlling is out of insecurity. So I think the first thing to understand is when you’re starting to feel controlled by.

Your partner, that there may be something going on with him or her, and to maybe sit down and try to talk together as to what might be bothering your partner. Controlling is, again, it’s about insecurity and the inability to let your partner just be free to be who they are for fear of being, of losing. Underneath, controlling is a really deep fear of being left alone. So the desire to hold on and control and tell somebody how to dress, how to act, how to be, overwhelms and takes over. This is Patti German in New York City.

Do The Right Thing Christian Marriage Advice From Laura

Hey girl! welcome to the page of wedding night bliss. im driana, the blissful wife. I got that from my daughter. She says that. Her girl! So, today Im gonna be doing some marriage advice for you engaged and married women. And its gonna be advice from Laura. So she is always talking about do the right thing. Thats how she signs off her program. This is Laura, do that right thing. Something like that, anyway. And so I wanted to apply that to marriage. Before I start, if youre a Christian woman.

Whos engaged and abstinent, and youre nervous about your wedding night, then stay tuned until the end of this tutorial. Married ladies, I have something for you too. Really I think one of the biggest things for marriage is that you take care of your spouse and your spouse takes care of you. So if youre always focused on what you need instead of what your spouse needs then hes gonna feel neglected, so hes gonna have to focus on what he needs. And its just a vicious cycle, so then you guys are gonna be really focused.

On yourselves and being selfish than serving your spouse. and so where do the right thing, comes in is that, sometimes youre like, I have to worry about myself. My spouse isnt taking care of me. Hes not worrying about me. Hes being selfish, so I need to be selfish to take care of myself. But if you take the first step and Do the right thing, do what youre supposed to do as a wife. Your calling as a wife is to be the best wife that God called you to be, even if the situation is annoying and.

Your husbands not doing what hes supposed to be doing, but if you take the first step in Doing the right thing, doing what youre supposed to do then hell feel like, Oh! Shes taking care of me now, and now I dont have to focus so much on myself. Well, hopefully thats what the outcome is. If you married a good guy, then that is what the outcome, more than likely, will be. And so take the first step in Doing the right thing. Even if you dont feel like the other person is what theyre supposed.

To be doing. you just be the good wife that god has called you to do and he will honor that and help get the ball rolling. So, thats it. Dont forget to like and subscribe. And to leave a comment letting me know how you liked this advice. Make sure to sign up for my email list so you dont miss anything Wedding Night Bliss is doing. Lastly, email me at Driana at Wedding Night Bliss dot com, to have me speak to your youth or young adult group, or just to ask me questions and tell me your story. From my family to.

Yours, love to you. now for my women who are engaged and abstinent, who I like to call my virgin and abstinent brides. Theres this dirty little secret in the Christian community that no one is talking about. Lots of women are experiencing bad wedding nights and bad married sex. And I want to make sure that thats not you. Now if youve been married for one to three years already, but youre still not enjoying your married sex life, then I want to help you too. Order my Wedding Night Survival Guide.

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