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June 16th, 2015 Today, ladies and gentleman, Is our 8 year Wedding Anniversary. Okay, I remember eight years ago today. Uhhuh Um, the day before I was really nervous cause I did have any flowers.

Right! cause we were so broke we couldn’t afford flowers. Right I was busy cutting flowers out of the garden, shaking out the ants. Uh huh and going to Subway sandwiches for.

You stole wedding flowers from subway sandwhich, those we’re our wedding flowers 8 years ago!! This tutorial right now we filmed in advance, but we’re actually in Bali at the moment, celebrating our wedding anniversary. which is why we’re dressed like this. As soon as we’re done this we’re. Can’t you see, it’s Bali. LOL! WE’RE GETTING ON A PLANE, I am just dressed for Bali is what I am saying! The whole point of this tutorial is that we’ve read a lot of comments online, and people mentioning how they want to know what The Secret is to Our Relationship is.

How do we seem so happy, how do we keep the spark alive? So today, what we want to do today is talk about what works for us in our marriage. AND I understand that this is not going to apply to every single marriage around the world because different cultures have different perceptions of what is a marriage and why it’s important. But we’re just going to talk about makes us happy in our relationship. Yeah, so we don’t want this to be like ah. Here’s Advice for what YOU should do!! . because it won’t work for everybody!.

Yeah, everybody has different situations. . but maybe you can listen to what we do, and see if you can apply it to your life.? But we want to share some things that make us happy! Yeah, because today is a happy day!! So the first and most important thing for us is that we think of marriage as a career. and not just an achievement!.

It’s not like. WELL, I GOT MARRIED!! THAT’S IT, WE’RE DONE!! I can be lazy and not work at it no more!! The reason why we compare it to a career, is because people will be really focused. Like they are planning to climbing a ladder, they’re going to make these positions. They’re going to get a raise and and it’s like they work at it in order to get there.

Right! But it seems like with marriage, and also like, long term relationships. Like you don’t have to get married Yes, exactly! It just seems like, once you’re past a certain comfort point, people think that they have to stop trying!! Not for us, we make a conscious effort everyday to try and make the other person happy. My job in my duties in my career as a spouse. Simon said doodie.

Is to make martina as comfortable and happy as possible. So that means if she is having a rough morning, I’m going to try and make her breakfast. Or that means if she didn’t walk the dog because she can’t, then I’m gonna walk the dog. Yeah, and so we try to go back and forth and make the person happy rather than settle into like. OH well Simon is always going to be around, like we’re married! No!.

5 Tips on How to Dress for Your Wedding A Grooms Guide to Wedding Dress Code

5 tips on how to dress for your wedding a groom’s guide to wedding dress code 0:00:00 Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, gentlemen, I’m going to give you five tips on how to dress for your wedding. This is basically a groom’s guide, an intro to style. I’m not going to get into the specifics of each type of dress code. That’s something I’ve got an entire tutorial on. I talk about black tie, formal dressing,.

Semiformal dressing, white tie, casual weddings. i know i could get into a lot more of this. If you are interested, you’re getting married maybe this year, getting married here pretty soon, go check out Smart Groom Guide. I go into a lot more detail there. In fact, that’s an entire course that helps a groom not only with the clothing, but also with the etiquette, gift guides, all of the little things that make weddings sometimes a hassle. I try to give you guys some checklist on the duties, even some music ideas, gift ideas for all.

The groomsmen and everything perhaps involved in your wedding. The purpose of this, I’m going to give you five tips. These are very general, highlevel tips, but they’re important because it all starts with number one, which is be the bestlooking man you can be. Now, there are a lot of things we cant control in life. Our face and the way it’s shaped, what we were given, we can’t really change that, but what we can do is we can work on the packaging. That’s one of the things I talk about at Real Men Real Style.

And my other website, a tailored suit, other websites across where i guest post. I always talk about the purpose of clothing is to help you be the best man you can be. It simply gives you a bit of strength. It’s like a piece of armor that fits on you on your wedding day, the day that you commit yourself to another person. It’s a sign of respect. That’s really what it’s about. You’re showing not only respect to your bride. You’re showing respect to everyone, your family, your friends, everyone who is invested in.

You and wants to be a part of your journey. that’s why we’re dressing and you want to put your best foot forward. In those pictures, for decades, people are going to look back you’re going to look back on those pictures. Your kids are going to look back on those pictures, your grandkids, and you want to in a sense be, Wow! Grandpa was really handsome. I can see why grandma went for him. That’s the kind of response you want to get, not something like, Wow!.

I can tell this was in the 1970s, which you can with some wedding pictures. Now, point number two, start early and I’m talking about 90 days out if you can and that’s a bare minimum. The reason you want to start preparing all of this early, number one, you’re going to save a lot of money if you have time to start assembling. I own a custom clothier. One of the most expensive things I would say when a guy comes in is he needs everything rushed. Literally he’s getting married in two weeks and we’re having to stop everything,.

Put his order up to the front overnight, that kind of stuff, which brings in point number two. It brings in a lot of stress because if it’s not right, then you’re going to have to compromise. You’re going to have to find something that works. Give yourself time. Give yourself about 90 days. If you can give yourself longer, especially if you’re on a very tight budget, you could start looking in thrift stores. You can ask around. You can find things that you’re going to get for pennies on a dollar. You’re going.

To be able to save a lot of money. Have a short time frame? Okay, you’re probably going to spend a little bit more, but number three and this goes with giving yourself time practice what you’re going to be wearing. What do I mean by that? Actually wear the clothing. Now, a little bit more difficult if you’ve decided you’re going to go with black tie. Now, I talk about this in another tutorial and in my guide to everything, when you should.

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