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Spare some change? Sorry, man,I got nothing. All right. siren wails Hold it right there. car door closes Let’s see some ID. I wasn’t even doing anything,man.

Are you talking back to me? No, I was just walking, man. Look, there is no reasonfor you to get upset, sir. I’m not.I’m not. All right, that’s it.Put your hands on your head. Put my hands Put your handson your head, yes! You had your chance.

Listen, man,can I just ask you, like, politely what it isthat I did? Think I was born yesterday? Come on, man, I Get in the car.Duck your head. Aah! Ahh. groans bottles clink

All right, Officer,I’ll take it from here. Oh, hi, Wally.Good to see you. He’s all yours. All right. What? chuckles Y’all have a good night. All right.

Thanks, man,but where we going? I’m glad you asked. Follow me. Through there? shouts magical tune laughs Whoa, look at this place.

Where are we? Just be patient,and I’ll show you. Your suit changed. ♪ Follow meto a place I know ♪ ♪ Where there ain’t no painand no sorrow ♪ ♪ It’s a place to beif your skin is brown ♪ ♪ I’m talking ’bout Negrotown cheerful music

Dating Rules Indian Guys Need to Follow Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

Being in a relationship for three years you learn something. There are certain rules. Especially if you are dating an Indian girl. Indian girls have a lot of restrictions. Unfortunately! It’s like a. I feel every Indian girl has to lie to her parents to date a guy. Like in a covert Russian spy mission.

She is always on the lookout. Is that my mom? Is that my dad? No. Is that my uncle? Shit! My uncle. Fuck! Moustache. So, what I learnt from this is when her mom calls

you never disturb that call. Do not disturb ‘the girl and her mother’ call. There are certain signs to know her mom is calling. If her phone’s ringing and she is like. That’s not her mom. If her phone’s ringing like. One second.

And they go into this protective environment. Which has an invisible force field. And like an idiot I asked her, ‘Who are you talking to? Your mom?’ And she said, ‘No! Go away’ You fool! You have any idea what would happen if she knew? Yeah, mommy, I am praying.

We’re chilling. Actually, we are studying. Yeah, mom. Yeah. Never mess with her. I have seen girlfriends turn into hulks. They’ve punched me in the face. It’s very scary. Second rule: Never. This is such a stupid thing, guys. Never try to make your girlfriend jealous.

Just look at the scenario. Just look at the scenario in this club right now. Single guys. Single girls. Few! A single girl in India with a population of a billion… 99% are single guys. Do you know the amount of attention she is getting?

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