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Marriage Advice Hens

Smoking and drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Smoking and drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Hey! After I decided. .what is this discussion. This is my land. Get aside! Hey, I am not the landowner to leave if you tell me to leave. I am a landmine. I will blast!.

Hey! hey! Actually this land belongs to police department. Grabbling police land is more injurious than. .smoking and drinking. Your countdown starts now. If you do not give up rowdyism.

.until you give up. .I will give missed calls. I will send SMS’. I will send voice mails as warning. It is okay if you change. If you do not change, I will not talk, my gun will talk. Hail Telangana! Hail Andhra!.

Hail the loving son of mother india! narendra modi! Ouch! Get out! You lied saying you got married and. .rented the portion upstairs and do antisocial activities. You should light incense sticks in the house but not cigarettes.

You should boil milk but not beers. At 9 PM will you bring a girl wearing nighty? She is not a girl, she is aunt. Her husband threw her out at midnight so I brought her to pacify her with love. I will beat you with footwear. Did it take whole night for you to pacify her? Stop it, sir.

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This is my curse. crap! go away! I will go. There are many vacant houses available. Father, is your sadism satisfied now? If you play tennis with tenants like this. .they are not staying for even ten days. Are you supporting your father or tenants? Decide it.

If you vacate one person every month. .where should I bring someone who stays for just one month. That is why bring tenants. .who behaves well. Useless fellow! Had you not worked as my assistant. .you will not be good enough to tell lies in the court.

How to Deal With Parents College Major Career Advice

We talked before about dealing with our parents and friends who maybe don’t support your career choices will grams got a little bit more advice on how to deal specifically with parents if they’re not listening to you when you say this is what i wanted to it’s my life i need to make my own mistakes and if i fail along the way that’s just another stepping stone.

Towards my eventual success if i still feel strongly about this may be i get diverted maybe i find something i feel even more passionate about along the way my life and i need to make these choices you need to either completely separate yourself from those people or limit their access to you.

And choose a topic of your pursuit of that passion you know you can’t trust parents most people can come out there pretzels they’re atrocious if you talk to my own five days a week everytime that you’re on the phone with her she says oh no i wish u.

Which you take that this creek up instead or here that’s so and so’s daughters doing this you know that maybe talk your moments of five days we talked for two days a week or set up some ground rules you like mum i’d love you but you need to let me make this decision and i need you to respect that decision and if you can’t please just don’t bring it up on the phone at the end i will.

Bring it up with you and i love you and we can talk about other things so i think it is advice to the work if you are financially dependent uh. website actually independently pat depending on your parents to pay for our gear box for your classes per your lifestyle then in that advice is virtually impossible because shay writing.

I think that pursuing whatever passion you have is a great idea and i highly recommend it double major in something because your parents are comparing you to other people and because they think you should major in something else right do what’s right for you which is now that parents also have the right to cut you off and i’m talking about financially yet so i think you have to.

Kind of um. have the type of discussion that explains your parents what your goals are and why do you disagree with that and try to do so no commenter but if after that they still come down hard on your and comparing other students and by the way i would write praise god.

Etc it i was always compared to some of my cousins my older female cousins and would frustrate me so much because it was like i’m smart civil i’m working hard to no i don’t want to be if we can biologist like i’m doing something to do it uh. anyway so ap it is a very stressful situation but you gotta find a way to communicate.

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