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Love Marriage Horoscope Problem

Hello my dear leo friends. Its my special reading for you for the LOVE Life Married Life for the year 2014. Romance is in the air well for most part of the year! Although there could be shaky start in the form of a little misunderstanding but the planets are blessing you on your common journey. So if there are problems then it is better that you try to solve them together.

For the married couple, the year looks well balanced but there will be some challenges too. If you address these issues together then the two of you are expected to have some great time together. To enhance the experience, acknowledge and accept each other’s presence and individuality. Expect to share some extremely memorable moments with your spouse this year.

As the year progresses, you and your beloved are likely to feel like one solid unit and will want to build a harmonious relationship. For the singles, your dream of finding an ideal life partner is about to become a reality. If you wish to propose or would like to start a new relationship then you have to sincerely win his or heart by expressing your true feelings. In other words, you need to increase your level of communications with your beloved.

Marriage Choosing Consciously

Questioner: my name is ananth. My question is about marriage, divorce. Im married Sadhguru: No, no, they are two different things (Laughter Applause). Questioner: marriage.

What i see today is many youngsters like many of them they dont want to marry and few of them who marry there are occasions where they are getting divorced; so would you like to throw some light on this situation Sadhguru?.

Sadhguru: see, you need to understand the institution of marriage. its about bringing a certain sanctity to the simple basic needs that every human being has. there are physical needs, there are psychological needs, there are economic needs,.

Emotional needs, social needs, variety of needs. To fulfill all these things we set up an institution called marriage where all these can be conducted in a sensible manner, otherwise if we did it on the streets like every other creature.

It would turn ugly for us. And we will feel not good about it. So,to bring some sense of organization, some aesthetic, some stability, because man and woman coming together naturally brought fresh life.

It is. compared to any other creature, it is the most helpless life which needs maximum amount of support. You could leave a puppy on the street; as long as he gets food, he grows up into a good dog,.

No problem. But not so with a human being; he doesnt need just physical support, he needs variety of support and above all the stable situation. Whether there should be marriage in society or not.

One will debate when they are eighteen because physical body is asking for freedom, all right. At that time everybody questions is marriage really needed, why cant we just live whichever way we want?.

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