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Karen Newman Can This Marriage Be Saved

Karen Bergreen Mom Comedy

A very funny lady from VH1 and Comedy Central, it’s Karen Bergreen. Clap for Karen Bergreen! How happy am I to be here? I’m so happy to get out of my house, I’ve got two little boys at home three and five we’re potty training the threeyearold you know any sense to me today he says my last year p PES might get in the top left hand drawer if you really must No.

My year old is overly honest he says to me great better clucking he’ll he’ll hi bennett me in one me make it up and because you me hables like well that’s so interesting think the only thing I like about you better than your little brother you school days longer the little kid is a total liar on the other hand.

He just turned 3 his friends all turn 3 we were at a birthday party he eats you cupcakes the study whenever that whatever anyway and he said hulking and I said no and then he turned to the mother the kids birthday Disney yes and she says your mommy said no any sense huh the kid would throw me under up haha for iphon they asked a lot of questions kids right path so many.

People I collected sign in khmer Karaoke anything irritating and life and I met him I can I like honey bee can we do five minutes please five minutes with no questions why why why no question don’t you love me you why don’t you me why me honey honey wat you me why you me well me I called my husband and told him this he’s right now you know what it’s like.

Lol %uh you get the newsletter and be in the air the Christmas you know what I’m talking about people bragging about their kids for five pages on bright colored paper little on you have to read the whole thing that they give you a quiz on the family mom usually luck Brian K usually don’t worry Apple appear on page three but now but they always read something like this we Hannah powerful here.

71 now longoverdue met hope their fellowship me at me 9 has been to design the Freedom Tower here mister old Kia at me 3d movie sick or Carnegie Hall her.

Family we’re all seeking all walking trent all around the world on Christmas newsletter this year here yes we powerful year wash effects me he had a can dismantle it own to keep the battery it’s a little thing his older brother Danny.

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