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Infidelity Us Army

So this is very interesting. Its almost like a reality T.V show where they take contestants and they have to watch their spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend in a situation where they might be unfaithful. It is called To Catch a Cheater. I really hope no one gets shot or beaten up, cause that’s the worst. (Mans voice) How long have you guys been married? (Women’s voice) Mm five years. Five year marriage, been a while Okay, so they’ve been married five years, that’s a long time, they’ve got a real pretty blonde girl.

Ooooh Wow. Aye, so far he’s.he’s kinda confused he’s not saying anything bad so far so we’re still chillin’. She looks like she’s about to really kill. kill someone like even though this is set up and fake. The blonde girl is an actress, so it’s not. it’s not like a real girl that’s going up to him and just. flirting with him. But hopefully this doesn’t turn out bad, cause I would feel so bad for her Oooh SHIT.

Ohhh don’t say that! Bro! He doesn’t know! He’s so oblivious, your girlfriend is wa I mean your. your wife is watching you bro. I mean your exwife, your future exwife is watching you now. You better not escalate this. Oooh Gasp Noooooo.

Ohh snap! (laughs) That’s So Raven, that’s what I feel like right now, I feel like That’s So Raven like I can see into the future. You know why I can see into the future? (laughs) Cause your.your wife is gonna be your.your ex wife buddy. You’re getting divorced. So. I can see into the future!! This is why there’s fifty percent divorced rates. Come on.Think of your wife buddy. you can do it. Be strong. Don’t let your other head think for you. You have a pretty big one here points to head so. just do it.

mocking girl in tutorial ohhhhh Wait. I was just gonna say, I’m such an asshole for saying that, like he’s gonna cheat on her or something But he said he’s married, he’s showing her the ring, but they’re still hanging out. So maybe I wasn’t an asshole, maybe he still deserves it. WOW!!! Asshole. ah everybone chant with me. come on! Let’s chant!.

Asshole. asshole. asshole! asshole!! your a fucking asshole!! Look at her! She’s gonna cry bro. You happy? You mad? Or nah? *clicks tongue* Yoooooo!! Chill this girl. this girl is really pushing herself like I know she’s acting, but like if a.if a real girl actually did that it’s like you need to. relax . Like you just literally met this guy. You can’t just talk about coming over already.

*woman in tutorial* fucking bitch! What the. what is that? She was like We’ll never tell her! *imitates laugh* Look, look, listen. We’ll never tell her! *imitates laugh* I love. I love cheating on people. *imitates laugh* It makes me feel good when other people are miserable, when they get cheated on. *imitates laugh* What the fuck. What the fuck.?.

She’s crying. trying not to laugh right now. i’m just laughing at the stupidity of that conversation that they had Like not at her crying obviously her crying is really sad. like do you have condoms? Who asks that, five minuets after meeting.? This is not even five minutes. This tutorial’s like two minuets. What the. *Woman in tutorial* Fucking bitch!! *Man in tutorial* So that was what we filmed. uh. *Woman in tutorial* Oh my god!.

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