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20 Disturbing Creepy Photos From The Past That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Lutch Green 20 Disturbing, Creepy Photos From The Past That Will Haunt Your Dreams Madame Tussaud’s Wax Mannequins In 1925, the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, suffered a fire and many of the mannequins ended up melted or otherwise damaged. This photo showing some of that damage paints a pretty horrific scene at first glance before you realize that those are not real people! John Irving Bentley This is one of the most famous photos from an alleged case of spontaneous human combustion. In December 1966, a gas company meter man named Don Gosnell made an unpleasant discovery of the remains of John Irving Bentley, a retired physician.

The 92yearold died from a fire of unknown origin. He had died of a fire hot enough to burn through the floor but not potent enough to claim the whole house. All that was left of him was the lower half of his right leg with the slipper still on it. The rest of his body had been reduced to a pile of ashes in the basement below. To date, the cause of the fire has defied explanation. Katharina Detzel Katharina Detzel is a mental patient, in 1910 she built her own man out of the straw in her bed. She was put in a mental institution in 1907 after supposedly sabotaging a railway line as a political protest. Before the Nazis murdered her in 1941, she wrote a play, tried to establish a home for babies, protested against the way the inmates were treated, and created miniature figures out of bread dough she probably chewed herself. In 1910, she made a lifesized male doll out of the mattress ticking and straw from her bed, which she’d pummel when she was angry or dance with when she felt happy. This male gave her the surrogate love she needed in the institute. Frozen Soviet Soldier In 19′, Finnish defenders sometimes took fallen, frozen Russian soldiers and posed them upright as psychological warfare. Although rare, a few cases have been documented.

Common Russian soldiers and Finnish troops had a great deal of respect for the dead and would allow both parties to retrieve and bury their dead in peace and would make impromptu ceasefires for such occasions. Herxheim Cannibals Herxheim is an ancient city in Germany that dated back 7,000 years ago. Artifacts and human remnants were found in this ancient city that shows signs of fleshstripping, a preparation for cannibalism. Shell Shocked Soldier Shell shocked soldier in a trench during the Battle of Courcelette in September 1916. His eyes express the madness of the war. The soldier looks like he has gone insane from what he has seen, giving the camera a smiling face, but with a creepy blank stare. The circumstances of the First World War pushed hundreds of thousands of men beyond the limits of human endurance. Shell shock was a term coined to describe the reaction of some soldiers in WWI to the trauma of battle.

Symptoms included fatigue, tremor, confusion, nightmares and impaired sight and hearing, an inability to reason, hysterical paralysis, a dazed thousandyard stare is also typical. It was often diagnosed when a soldier was unable to function and no obvious cause could be identified. Some men suffering from shell shock were put on trial, and even executed, for military crimes including desertion and cowardice. The Lynching Of Thomas Shipp Abram Smith On a hot August night in 1930 a crowd gathered in front of an Indiana jail — men, women, and children shouting and jeering, demanding that the sheriff release his three prisoners. Three African American teenagers: Tom Shipp, Abe Smith, and James Cameron — huddled inside their cells, charged with the murder of a white man and the rape of white woman. Some among the thousands of people in front of the jail formed a mob. They beat down the jail doors, pulled the three youths from their cells, brutally beat them, and dragged them to a tree on the courthouse square. At the last minute the mob spared Cameron, the youngest of the trio. Smith and Shipp died, their bodies hanging as the town photographer captured one of the most famous lynching photographs in American history. They weren’t even hung properly. They had a noose put around their neck and were then pulled up into the tree. And one of them tried to get free so they hauled him down, broke his arms and hauled him back up again.

The third person 16yearold James Cameron, narrowly escaped lynching thanks to an unidentified participant who announced that he had nothing to do with the rape or murder. After the lynching, Cameron became a very devout man. He became an antilynching activist in Indiana and, later, Wisconsin where he founded a Black Holocaust Museum. He believed that the voice that came from the crowd to save him was the voice of an angel. Cameron died on June 11, 2006, at the age of 92. Vintage Halloween Costumes It’s been a long time since Halloween costumes were genuinely scary. Hundred years ago, frightening neighbors with homemade goblins was the only thing they had to look forward to. In fact, pretty much every costume they conjured up was unique, specially crafted to scare the living daylights out of people. When you look back at older Halloween photographs, the first thing you notice is how much creepier they are than today’s snapshots. And in all their oddness, there is something beautiful and eerie, something that really represents the Halloween spirit.

Josef Mengele Josef Mengele also known as quot;The Angel of Deathquot; was a German SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Mengele was a notorious member of the team of s responsible for the selection of victims to be killed in the gas chambers and for performing deadly human experiments on prisoners. Mummified Heart of Auguste Delagrange This image is the mummified heart of Auguste Delagrange. He was killed in 1912 by piercing a stake through his heart. And the reason for this, Delagrange is believed to be a vampire and was accused of killing around 40 people. Two engineers This image looks like two people fixing Frankenstein. But they are two engineers fixing a Disney animatronic.

Antifreckle Treatment This picture from the 1930s does not depict some kind of cruel torture. What it shows is how they used to attempt to get rid of freckles in order to look more beautiful. Medical Students Posing With Cadavers Medical science isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. A lot has changed about how we approach injury and disease in the last 150 years. Perhaps most importantly, though, is how training has changed. Prospective s used to be limited to whatever diseases were happening in the area. For practical examinations, they had to make due with whatever cadavers they could get their hands on. Oddly enough, it was also during this time that photography was coming into fashion. Groups of medical students somehow got it into their heads that it would be fun to pose for photographs with their cadavers. The results are actually quite freaky. Treatment for Mental Illness.

CHEATING ON TESTS Dolan True Stories

€¢ From wristbands with all the answers, to writing all the solutions on a lewd body part, the Planet Dolan crew renact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about cheating on tests – I’m Danger Dolan and today I’ll be your narrator 10 – TacoTownUSA Pringle My friend Pringle found a great way to cheat – this guys knows a bit about electronics and he has Photophobic eyes, which basically means that his eyes are super sensitive to light and so he has to wear sunglasses A LOT (even indoors). So for his final exam he took a small, mildly flexible screen that he cannibalized from an old Nintendo DS, fit it to the inside of his right lens, and rigged it up to connect.

To his phone through a wire running down the earpiece and through his shirt, hidden by his hair. After finding a brightness that wouldn’t destroy his eyes and a resolution he could read, he put all the formulas and notes on his phone and walked straight into class. Aside from the lack of depth perception, it went perfectly for him. 9 – Cooper775 Shima Well what Shima did, the cheeky little cat she is, was to write the answers on her thigh so that the teacher wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he noticed she was looking at her own thigh quite often; he would come off as a creep if he were to ask her to pull up her pants so he could take a long suspicious.

Gander at her thighs. 8 – MentoToothpicks Melissa Melissa, in order to cheat on her test she created her own language, so that each symbol would represent a letter. After memorizing the whole alphabet in her new language, she would write out the answers on the back of her binder. When the test came around and they had to clear their desks, she put the notebook on the floor and covered it with some papers. When the teacher wouldn’t look, she would nudge the things on top of it over so that she could read it. If the teacher came by and saw it, they assumed it was gibberish and didn’t question her.

Later on, I did explain that if you’re so desperate to cheat that you would LITERALLY MAKE UP A LANGUAGE TO DO SO, that you may be better off, y’know, just studying the damn topic. 7 CommonFate Gooby When Gooby was in grade five, she had a horrible teacher. Everyone in her class hated her, she gave impossible tests only people with photographic memory would pass, so for a particularly difficult test coming up, she and two of her friends met up and decided to cheat to pass. Her friend devised a way to cheat by making rubber band bracelets with paper on one end. They had to have 8 on each of their arms for.

A total of sixty five answers. They didn’t get caught as rubber bands are always popular at school, and so Gooby passed the test with flying colours. 6 Vtcrob DD’s Bro One time my brother wrote the answers on the side of his shoe so all he had to do was tilt his foot slightly. Another time, taking inspiration from Pringle, he wrote the answers on the interior side of his glasses. All he had to do was take them off and act like he was thinking. And for the final exam, he wore contacts and carried glasses but didn’t wear them. He wrote on the glass with a white marker and because the desk was black he could see all 40 answers to the quiz. He ended up getting.

100% for every test. 5 ClashmanTheDupe Nixxiom This one time Nixxiom managed to teach a homing pigeon to retrieve the answer sheet for himself midtest. The teacher never saw it coming. Why would he think Nixxiom and the pigeon were in cahoots?! I’m surprised Nixxiom didn’t write the answers on the birds thigh just to be absolutely certain he didn’t get caught. Asking Shima to drop trou is one thing, but asking a pigeon to bend over for examination is another thing entirely. 4 TheRulerofEarth Slapped Ham This one happened to our friend, Slapped Ham.

Some kids were whispering and saying things in his class, and one of them says (very loudly) that the answers are on the back page of the test. To which the teacher is surprised. He instantly begins going around tearing the back page off of their tests. When asked how this kid knew the answers were on the back of the test, he said just look. There’s a whole page of answers there. I thought they were part of the test! The teacher didn’t make them retake the class or anything, so needless to say everyone passed. As for how this happened, the teacher explained the next day: Apparently the word document form of the tests at the school all contain a copy of the answer key on the back of them.

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