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Infidelity 2012 Full Movie


I am sorry, ma’am. Sir has still not returned. He had said he will return within 2 hours. And he is not even answering his cell. I tried calling him. Yes. Even I have tried many times. Maybe he left his cell in the car. But where are you, ma’am. In the hotel? I will inform sir as soon as he returns. No, no! I am already on my way to the airport.

I have checked out from the hotel. What! You are returning today itself? I thought you were going to stay in Kolkata till tomorrow. No. My appointment materialised today only. Even Shyam was not feeling fine. .when he had come to drop me. So I thought of checking out. Then ma’am, maybe he went home.

No. I don’t think he is at home. I tried calling at home many times. You don’t worry. I will again try calling on his cell. Shall I send the car for you at the airport? No, don’t worry about that. I will take a cab from the airport. You just tell Shyam that I am returning. In case you contact him. Okay, ma’am. Bye. Have a nice flight. Thanks. Bye.

Thanks. ‘GIobal Indian announces the departure of its flight to Mumbai.’ ‘Passengers are requested to proceed for security check.’ ‘Thank you.’ Where is he? Sorry, darling! What happened? Already asleep! How insensitive! I wasn’t asleep. I just dozed off. Your body is so intoxicating.

Would you please pull up my zipper! Why so soon, sweetheart? We’re yet to have your special drink, together. Forgot your promise? We can have that drink even after dressing up. I have already prepared it. But if we are undressed. then the drink can taste even better. Isn’t it so? Okay.

Have it your way. I will get the drink. In 30 seconds flat. And you. just relax. Here. Have it, nah! Why this cheating? Full glass for me. And only half glass for you. I don’t drink during daytime. I am taking this too, only to give you company. Cheers!.

Fantastic! I am telling you! Good! Yeah! Okay, Nikki! Get this interview done! Good! We will hold the page for you! Okay! Done! You look harassed! What happened? It’s that woman again! Which woman? That mysterious woman whose article we had. .discussed in today’s editorial meeting!.

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