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How To Save My Marriage Gods Way

Welcome to the prayer for healing relationships and prayer for restoration of relationship this is simply a tutorial I put together were allowed to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice about prayer to heal a broken relationship all they ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father please continue to meditate in this press yourself speaker daily or listen to this tutorial over and over again a lot of the Word of God concerning healing and restoring relationships to reach deep into your.

Spirit let us pray heavenly father we gathered together your online income into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus where two or more gathered there you shall surely be anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying there for release in the anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now we laid at your feet and.

We’re releasing forgive those who have wronged us a lift those watching this tutorial we come into agreement and lift up any relationships that need healing and restoration in their life order it says in Romans 55 that the love of God has been said about our hearts by the Holy Spirit if you say that it is in there prayer for reconciliation of relationship then that settles it no matter what we feel father you are loved and you are inside us therefore love is working in the relationships of the listener that.

Need healing and restoration we declare that it is expressed in its fullness in their relationship we pray that they will let all bitterness bad moods malice wrath indignation rage bad tempers resentment brawling spy till will clamor contention slander abuse evil speaking or blasphemous language be banished from the relationships that need healing and restoration we break the power of these things in Jesus name we declare that those listening and the people within.

The relationships that need healing and restoration are becoming useful and helpful and kind to one another tender hearted compassionate understanding loving hearted forgiving one another readily and freely as you Lord through Jesus have forgiven them we find your love around the prayer for healing relationships of those listening by your Holy Spirit help them to carry themselves as he should in each relationship honorably and properly in your site open their eyes to.

See the value of their relationships show them what relationships to keep in which ones to let go of us help them to live in harmony in one accord with other people we speak strength over them now in Jesus name we declare that they are of the same mind and they are united in spirit we declare that they are compassionate kind tender humble and gentle to other people.

Lord we ask that those listening recognize your piece which you have given them in each relationship made that piece which surpasses understanding guard their hearts and minds help those listening to build their relationships on your word since they build the relationships on the rock they will not be shaken when storms come we declared that their routine 11 found it securely on love in Jesus name every day the relationships of the listener that need.

Healing and restoration are getting stronger in christ we declare those listening in their friends family and acquaintances in der law and our patient and kind they’re never envious never boil over with jealousy they’re not boastful or vainglorious and they do not display themselves haughtily they’re not rude in Andaman early and they do not act on becoming Lee they do not insist on their own rights or on their own way they are not selfseeking or touch your.

4 Ways to Save Your Marriage Prevent Divorce or Separation

Whether your spouse has told you that theyre no longer happy, or youre simply suspecting that they may soon calls it quits, Im here to tell you how you can single handedly save your marriage. My name is Brad Browning, Im a relationship coach, marriage expert, and author of the bestselling Mend the Marriage program. Over the years Ive worked with many individuals wanting to save their marriage, and one thing Ive repeatedly encountered is the common.

Belief that one spouse cannot do it alone. well, im here to tell you otherwise. in fact, I have seen many marriages saved when one of the partners takes action even if the other has refused to keep trying. Today Im going to share with you four ways to save your marriage on your own. Number 1: Accept the Situation Its perfectly normal to have a hard time accepting that your spouse feels the way they.

Do. and a common reaction is trying to convince them that things can get better. however, this is actually the worst thing you can do in your situation. As tempting as it may be, crying and begging for your spouse to give your marriage another chance will not change their mind. Reacting to the news angrily also wont help. Since your spouse is already past the point of believing change is possible, your desperation will have no impact on your them. Instead, these types of reactions will make you appear weak.

And out of control. If you want to save your marriage, you will not get there through pity, cruel words, or dramatic actions. Its okay for your spouse to know that youre upset about the situation, but its more important for them to know that you have control of your feelings. To save your marriage you need to accept the situation and acknowledge that you played a role in creating your marital problems.

Number 2: build resilience Once you have overcome the initial shock and accepted the situation at hand, you then need to create a plan to save your marriage. Start by building strategies to take care of yourself, and find a way to maintain a positive outlook. If you can do this, then youll eliminate the one thing you dont want to do give your spouse more reason to want to leave you.

Focus on staying positive, maintaining your dignity, and taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Everyone has a different way of doing this, but find what works for you and and manage your emotions. If youre interested in learning more about managing your emotions and devloping an action plan, visit my website MarriageGuy and watch the full length tutorial presentation. I also offer 1on1 coaching, so if youre interested in finding out more about it and.

My availability, visit marriageguy /coaching. ill be sure to put both urls in the tutorial description below. Number 3: Commit to Change You know that popular saying, Be the change you want to see. Well thats exactly what you need to do to save your marriage. Look closely at your behaviour in the relationship. Ask yourself in which ways you can change.

To create positive responses from your spouse, and what behavioural habits your spouse reacts negatively to. Whether you know it or not, you and your spouse communicate in a revolving stimulus a response pattern, if you will. What you do and say is the stimulus. Your partners reaction is the response. And then you react to their reaction and so on. The same thing occurs when your partner does or says something. Over time, the two of you have developed a.

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