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How To Fix Muhurtham For Marriage

In an earlier tutorial i said i would upload how to make fresh flower decoration called vanki pinnal This is a traditional vanki pinnal ( poo jadai ) For this first the plaits should be made tight Mullai ( Arabian jasmine ) flowers are inserted in the gaps where the strands meet This is called vanki pinnal needle When I was young, this was available and made from tin.

I got an idea and made it from chemical clay This hairstyle should be made with mullai buds Poo jadai is beautiful when made with flower buds This is a simple flower decoration for hair This flower decoration can be used for Navratri decoration, Varalakshmi Pooja decoration Functions like seemantham , valaikappu ( baby showers ).

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Human being! in this world, he has many specialities than other creature, believe me. Happiness, Anger, Affection, Suspicion, Love, Revenge, to name few of his feelings. While few feelings help us to taste success, the others may drag us to failure.

The first feeling in the second category is insecured. How a computer malfunctions while infected with virus, similarly a person who is affected with insecurity is also same. Do you know their symptoms. Even for small things, they think to a level as their brain would blast, afraid of losing, not tolerating.

The failure, trusting no one. All of them are insecurity symptoms. But, we don’t take it seriously, because we too feel those insecured symptoms some times. The one I’m going to introduce in this story is also like one of us.

The girl’s name is meenakshi. completed b.tech very recently. She wants to be happier at her heart than her beauty. She does anything of her wish for that happiness. For the happiness only, she is getting ready to marry her lover. But, she doesn’t know that the boy she loved is an insecure person. This story is about her journey with such a person.

Does he need to blow horn for his speed? unnecessary over action. Hello, What’s your age? 30, madam. Okay, young age. Don’t you know to drive? See now, madam. Good. Yes, increase it. Same, even more. Come on, accelerate.

This is called driving, go, go. Hi Darling. Why’re you late? Will tell you, first remove the bag which is in middle. Hey, you! Every idiot has a girl friend, apart from me. Just if he wears a jeans with holes, they would get.

On his vehicle even though he’s an idiot. He’s the one who is getting into Meenakshi’s life. Not handsome like Mahesh Babu, don’t have fan following like Pawan Kalyan. To tell in one word, looks very confident outside, but very insecure inside. Dead against to Meenakshi’s character.

Hello! where are you? Me! Emergency. I came on an important work. Then how could I come? Is it new to you? Ask some one for lift and come. Idiot, he could’ve got someone, for sure. Lift, lift, lift.

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