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Foreign Marriage Problem

I did some open mike comedy nights in in New York and its great because all the white comics love to complain. White people complaining is amazing. India has. Oh, we have problems but we have a very high standard of problems.

Its a very high standard. Then it qualifies as a problem. Because in India, Oh, you have a cold? Wait for one day, it will go. Or you fractured your leg. Wait for one month. Dont move it.

It will be fine. Hey, where is this boys head. What happened? Car accident. Is the car okay? Thats when its a problem. When the head is missing. Its a serious problem.

America, its awesome. I think, theres pollen here. Im allergic to pollen. See this problem, guys. Its a huge problem. I got to get my medication. So, I went for the open mikes and they were complaining.

You know, too much population in New York. I just hate it. Too many people in New York. Oh oh. You call this too many people?.

In india, there are so may people around you that sometimes when you are walking, you dont know if you are moving. Its just that everyone is moving around you. Its just like the situation where you are in the train. Is the other train moving or is this moving? Its one of those.

Thank you guys for the claps. Thank you. White guy didnt clap. Okay. Fine. Ill get you, man. Ill get you one day. Okay. I just have to get an approval from the white guy.

I just have to get approval. Im working on this. How many first generation Indians here like you just moved from India? Yeah. Oh, sweet. And how many second generation? Like,.

What Foreigners Think of Indian English ASIAN BOSS

Hey guys this is kei from asian boss. Unlike many Asian countries, many people in India can speak English. But there’s some common English phrases and expressions in India, which foreigners may not understand. So we’re going to test out some of these expressions.

Lets have some fun. Passed out. Um. passed out, like lie on the ground. Fainting. Like you when your drunk,.

And you pass out. Blind fucking drunk. Passing out drugs. Maybe like distributing paracetamol, you know. Passing out drugs. In India, passed out means you graduated from university.

Rubber. Condoms. Dildos. Condom. Condom. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing.

I was thinking condom, like straight out. What’s condom? What like a. In India rubber is actually referred to as a pencil eraser. Ah. Bullet.

A nice arse. Chick. Tits. It’s like a good looking person. Yeah its got to be biceps. Yeah I recon it’s that.

Maybe a fast car, fast driver. Your getting close, it’s referring to motorcycle. Bunk. Bunk? When you hit something. It sounds like your hitting something.

bunk. Wank, your having a wank. Does it mean wank? Had sex today? Bunk means cutting classes. Ah. so ditched would be the American version.

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