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Fixing Marriage

Hey, it’s Brad Browning here and I’m amarriage and breakup expert from Vancouver, Canada. And in this tutorial, I’m going toteach you how to prevent separation or divorce and save your marriage. This is obviouslygoing to be a huge topic and I’m going to cover as much as I can in this tutorial. So sittight and be sure to watch this entire clip, because I’m going to teach you things thatmost couples will never know about building a loving marriage. First of all, let me tell you who this tutorialis for. This tutorial is for people whose husband or wife announced that they’re no longerhappy in their marriage. You may have heard

painful things like, “I’m just not happyanymoreâ€�, “I don’t love youâ€�, or “I’m leaving you.â€� Or, maybe they’ve alreadyleft you. No matter the case, I know how extremely difficult, stressful, and heartbreaking thissituation is… and I know how hopeless you might feel at this very moment. So I’m goingto start off this long tutorial by telling you that there IS light at the end of this longtunnel. With the proper guidance, help, and attitude, it is possible to turn your marriagearound despite how adamant your spouse may be on divorce. I know this because I’veseen thousands of so called “hopelessâ€� couples turn it around – and I know exactlyhow they did it.

With that being said, rebuilding a brokenmarriage is a rocky road. Sometimes, things can get a little worse before they get better,and it takes a lot of devotion on your part to make things better. However, I promiseyou that if you watch this whole tutorial and follow my advice very closely, you’ll havethe best chance possible of rebuilding that marriage you and your spouse deserve. But before I get into what TO do to save yourmarriage, I first need to tell you about what NOT to do. The vast majority of married couplesthat I coach commit almost all of these very damaging mistakes. And I know that some ofyou might be in a situation where your spouse

isn’t willing to work on the marriage, butin a minute, I’ll tell you why that’s okay, and why it’s even more important foryou to learn these common mistakes before you go down the road of rebuilding a newer,happier marriage. Some of this stuff you may already know, butit’s important to remember these mistakes before you cause any further damage to yourmarriage – and these are tips that will have an immediate impact on your relationship. I like to call these mistakes my “Big MaritalMistakesâ€�. Big Marital Mistakes 1 – Initiating needlessconflict with your spouse. When you’re trying

to fix a broken marriage and you’re feelingdesperate, chances are things can spiral out of control very easily… (and I think youknow what I’m talking about). You think that if you could just talk to your spouseabout all your problems and find common ground, your marriage will magically fix itself andget better. But usually, this isn’t the case. While communicating with your spouse is importantin rebuilding a marriage, what your marriage does NOT need right now is another argumentor fight. Even if your partner says something antagonizing or wants to bring up a touchysticky issue at the moment, do your best to

avoid conflict politely. Don’t ignore yourspouse or discount any of their concerns, but you need to ensure that the discussiondoesn’t end up in a screaming match. You can say something along the lines of, “Iknow this is a real concern right now and I want to resolve this issue, but can we discussthis later?â€� Try and be as nonconfrontational as possible– at least for now – until you learn how you can manage how to handle your argumentslater. I’ll get to what I call my “Dispute Defusing Systemâ€� later in this tutorial. Ifyou have any questions or concerns about this common mistake, please be sure to ask questionsin the comments section below. I’ll do my

Marriage Counseling 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage with Mort Fertel

Hi. This is Mort Fertel. In this tutorial weare going to talk about the dangers of marriage counseling. I’m also going to talk to youabout how you can get my free report quot;7 Secrets for Fixing Your Marriagequot;. If you want toskip this tutorial and get the 7 secrets now you can go to marriagemax and clickon Free Help in the top left. Have you considered or are in marriage counseling? If your marriageis in trouble then your answer is probably yes. But will marriage counseling help you?Will marriage counseling be a healing experience or will it make your marriage worse? MarriageFitness is an alternative to marriage counseling. Why do we need an alternative to marriagecounseling? What’s wrong with marriage counseling?

Most marriage counselors who work with couplesare trained to do individual counseling. They view marriage counseling as an extension ofindividual therapy, which is ridiculous. It’s like asking a private tutor to take over aclassroom. Individual counseling is a laid back experience. The counselor asks questionsand empathizes patiently as the client tells the story.Together the client and the counselordiscuss available options. This method will not work if you are trying to save your marriage.Working on a marriage requires structure, direction and guidelines. The role of theprofessional in session is to be assertive and to provide leadership. Otherwise the couplewill simply move the battle ground from their

house into the office.

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