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Extramarital Affairs On Video

Why married women cheat and have extra marital affair It would be incorrect and insulting to women to say that all married women cheat or have extra marital affairs. But based on my counselling experience, it is safe to presume that the percentage of cases where married women are cheating on their spouse is increasing. Here are some most common reasons I have found.

In love with someone before marriage It is as simple as that. Perhaps the woman was already in love with someone before marriage and could not marry him for whatever reasons or circumstances. After marriage the lady failed to form a compatible relationship with her husband. May be the husband did not give enough care, love and attention to his wife. This made her long for premarriage relationship. Hence this led to infidelity.

Falling in love with someone else after marriage This is quite similar to previous one, except that the timings of forming a relationship are after the marriage. One trigger could be that the lady has fallen out of love with her husband and has got strongly attracted to another man. Also the long absence of the husband or husband not giving enough love and attention could be the motivating factors.

Variety is the spice of life When it comes to falling for physical attraction and wanting to have sex, some women dont mind stepping outside of marriage. Sometimes women married for couple of years to the same person have a stronger craving and they go in for a bit of a change. If she gets a chance, she does not mind having an adventure to begin with discreetly. But later if she enjoys it then this could be in the form of a more than a casual relationship.

Adultery is no more a shame Gone are the days when the infidelity carried a big social stigma. Life is short. Let us have an affair seems to going well with such individuals who get a chance. They would not like to miss a chance to have an extra marital affair. Desire for emotional support and intimacy.

Right or wrong, women having an extra marital affair say that they do it for the emotional connection. They want to bond with someone who is listening, caring and supportive at the emotional level. Please try to save your marriage The purpose of this tutorial is to give you more insight on the subject. Here are some more help tutorials, you may like to refer to:.

5 Signs your Partner is Cheating and is having Extra Marital Affair

5 signs your partner is cheating is having extramarital affair We are living in the age of Social Networking, Financial Freedom and Easy Availability. If your partner has a roving eye and does not mind instant gratification then your partner is more prone to having an affair or extramarital sex. So how do you know whether you are being cheated upon? Here is a list of some changes in behavior that could mean hes looking for love and.

Comfort elsewhere. No Eye Contact Eyes are the doors to the soul. If there is an element of guilt in your partners conscience because of the extramarital affair, he would avoid emotional and physical intimacy with you as he has betrayed your trust. Going further, you must check if your spouse.

Also avoids being alone with you. these signs confirm that he emotionally wants to cut his feelings of affection for you, as he is feeling guilty due to his proximity with the new partner. He has suddenly become inaccessible This stage is much more advanced stage Your spouse may suddenly make himself very unavailable. Whenever at home, he is busy on computer working on some project or report or an urgent presentation.

On holidays he doesnt stay at home because he is attending some training program or visiting a friend in . Similarly when you call him at his office, you are told by his Secretary or colleagues at he is in a meeting with the boss or is attending to the client. Did you ever wonder why he is perpetually busy? He could be spending more and more time away from home with another woman. This is your second clue to the ongoing extramarital.

Affair. Sudden changes in his appearance Just check if your husband has drastically changed his clothing style, hair do or appearance for no apparent need. He may be trying to impress the other woman. If your partner goes in for a makeover so that he can look younger or more energetic it may be more than a change of fashion sense, be warned.

Changes in his life style If your lazy spouse who is fond of football watching on TV has suddenly become a morning person and a regular to gym, please take it that it may not be you that hes trying to impress. He may be trying to look good to his new love interest especially if she is a much younger woman. Secretive Nature.

Did you notice that your spouse gets startled when you catch him unawares on computer or on mobile chatting or texting? Often you find him chatting in whispers over phone and on noticing you, he tells the other person Ill call you back and disconnects. It is because you are not part of his other world as he has been hiding it from you. This behavior can be characterized as secretive, unusual or unexplained. This should alert you about the possibility of your partner cheating on you.

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