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Extramarital Affairs

I want a divorce. Okay! I think, you haven’t heard me properly. I want a divorce. Yeah, I heard you. That’s why I said okay. That means, you have no problem with our divorce.

See, you have asked for divorce, i just agreed to it. Even then, how did you agree so readily? Who is he? Who? The one you are having an affair with? Hello!.

Hello vivek, have you spoken to your wife? No! Everyday you tell me you are going to speak to your wife. When are you going to speak to her. I am busy, I will talk to you later, keep the phone. I am fed up of you.

You divorce neelam today or i will leave you. So leave me. No, I am leaving you. I am not taking a divorce, understand. It’s all over. Don’t call me again! You asked me, with whom I am having an affair. No one!.

Feroz Khans Extramarital Affair

There have been many love stories of firoz khan. Apart from the romantic characters. .played by this Bollywood hero. .in real life he was very romantic. I wish I was not attracted to them beauty. I wish I didn’t show my interest on them beauty.

Don’t think of them as innocent. .they are very cunning. They are as dangerous as they are innocent. Many women entered in Firoz Khan’s life. But there was one beautiful woman. .who stole Firoz’s heart.

That woman was sundari. They met at a party, fell in love and wanted to marry. Some people say that when Sundari met Firoz. .she already was a mother of a child. Anyway, these things were never talked about. Firoz Khan loved Sundari a lot.

Sundari gave birth to laila in 1970 and fardeen in 1974. Everything was going well, but after a few years. .Sundari felt that Firoz’s love for her diminished. The reason for this was another beautiful woman. .who entered into Firoz’s life. Jyotika Dhanrajgir, who was from the famous Dhanrajgir family.

Friends, i have also fallen in love once. I prayed to a statue day and night. But I didn’t get anything for my love. No flower grew in the garden I sowed seeds in. The nights always gave me pain. The beautiful nights always kept me sleepless.

Even though firoz never accepted this. But still Sundari separated from Firoz. Half of his bungalow was given to Sundari. .and the rest half to Firoz. It is said about Firoz that he used to stay. .in Bangalore with his new girlfriend often.

People from bollywood also say that. .the lonely Sundari was troubled a lot. .by Firoz’s younger brother Akbar. Once, Sundari threw a small party at her house. Akbar went there are created nuisance. Time passed and both of Sundari’s children grew up.

Sundari khan learned to live without firoz. Firoz and Jyotika had a long relationship. .and then gradually it ended. One day Jyotika left Firoz. Firoz became lonely again. Then probably Firoz realized that Sundari was that one. .who could understand his feelings.

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