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Cheating Man Meme

Ok. The next big barrier to communicationis something that I find to be very prevalent and very horrible. And, what it is is bias.And, what bias is, is having a preconceived idea of what something is or what it representsbefore we have any other information. And, it is making our judgments and our conclusionsand our assumptions based on this bias that we feel. Before the person that we’re tryingto communicate with, whether it’s a boss or a relative or a professor or anyone. Beforethey even try to communicate with us, we have already established how we feel about them.Because, they’re foreign. Because, they are of a different color. Because, they are ofa different sexual preference. Because, they’re

from the north and we’re from the south. Or,they’re from the south and we’re from the north. Whatever it is. And, we judge thatand we tend to blanket everyone with that bias a bit like stereotyping. For example,if I got to work today and I said I almost got in this huge wreck today. And, if my bosswere to say well probably because you’re a woman driver. Ok. I’m not a bad driver. But,that could be a bias if you’ve had an experience, a bad experience with a woman driver. Then,all of a sudden you have a bias against women drivers. And, women can’t drive. After that,that’s your bias. That can create problems in a relationship. So, no biases.

Guy Uses Snapchat to Catch Cheating Girlfriend

Hey guys, what’s going on? For Complex News,I’m Tamara Dhia. As one of the fastest growing social media apps with an estimated 100 milliondaily active users, there’s bound to be someone who slips up and gets exposed on Snapchat.That’s exactly what happened when a suspicious boyfriend used the popular social media appto trap his cheating girlfriend. According to the Daily Mail, an unidentifiedman set up a fake snapchat account using pictures of a friend and started to engage his girlfriendin conversation. That conversation escalated quickly when the girlfriend began sendingsexy snaps to her own boyfriend, unbeknownst to her. The boyfriend took screenshots ofa couple photos his scandalous girlfriend

thought she was sending to their mutual friend,and then posted them on the friend’s Facebook with the caption: Here. These snaps were meant for you. I finallycaught her and had to pretend I was you so here you go man. While some people are using Snapchat to catchcheating lovers, like this guy who found out his wife was cheating when she sent him asexy snap from a business trip but forgot to remove a pair of men’s boots from the picture,others are using it to document their teachers getting curved. Like this kid who gave hissnapchat audience a playbyplay of his math

teacher getting shut down hard. Mr T tryna get some Looks like Mr T is moving in for the killin this snap Mr T clearly got denied with this classiccurve You can definitely tell by his face that Hegot shut the fuck down While the object of his affection Gives 0shits Mr T went back to the drawing board to Lookup how to pick up women Remember guys, a snap only lasts a few secondsbut a screenshot last forever. That’s the

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