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Cheating Husband Short Story

What do i do? Do I act like a virgin? But what if he finds out? Do I tell him to wait for it for a few days? But what if it makes him angry? Ghauri.

I thought , i should sleep in the other room tonight Look Gauri If your husband doesnt want to sleep with you It means, you have failed as a wife Dont you want to ask me why? Gauri, You are my wife.

Not a prostitute I really didnt know what he meant as my mind wasnt working well If we sleep together when we really dont know each other What different you would be from a prostitute?.

We will sleep together the day both of us Want to do so. and that would be the day, when i would make love. With my wife. I definitely,.

Wouldn’t be having sex with the stranger I am not a secret gay I promise you that. Despite how scared I was, I giggled. Tears rolled down from the corner of my eyes.

People say it amazes them when we shed tears while we are happy. They say, it didnt make sense, but to me, it made more sense.

To me, shedding tears while being happy meant more. I went to the kitchen but he was there, cooking. Gauri You’re fine ?.

why are you cooking? C’mon Gauri, look at me. See i like cooking I’ll do it when i like So can you Gauri.

Blind Devotion Jubilee Project Short Film

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