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Cheating Husband Meaning

For complex news, i’m sean evans, coming at you from portland, oregon with the story of two Atlanta Braves fans who have gone viral, after reportedly shaming a married woman for nefariously texting another man as the couple sat sidebyside in Turner Field. There are a lot of moving parts to this story, but the crux of it is this: The woman was texting a man named Mark who was disguised in the woman’s phone as Nancy, a savvy veteran move in the digital age. The two talked about being naked and laying on the ground,.

While the woman’s husband presumably sucked his teeth at another inningending double play. When the game ended, the two women claim that they passed a note to the woman’s husband, imploring him to investigate his wife’s correspondence with a cell phone contact named Nancy. Your wife is cheating on you., it says in part, Sorry, just thought you should know! Obviously, there’s a chance that this is a hoax, although a similar story broke during.

A detroit lions thanksgiving game last year and turned out to be true. If this story is accurate, I have a hard time sympathizing with these girls who spent the lion’s share of a baseball game probing the personal life of a stranger. I mean, mind your business, f*ck your Snapchat story. Also, shame on the Atlanta Braves for third place baseball and turning a nowindifferent fanbase into a collection of aspiring Joey Grecco’s. No disrespect to the legend.

Pregnant Woman Destroys Cheating Husbands Car

Hey guys, what’s going on? for complex news, i’m tamara dhia. an unsuspecting husband in Brazil had to learn the hard way the meaning behind Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned when his pregnant wife demolished his car while he dined with his mistress in a nearby restaurant. And, of course, it was caught oncamera. Cheaters getting their cars vandalized by scored lovers is a common occurrence. This woman was a little more prepared and took a hammer to her cheating husbands’ BMW which.

Is, sorry was, reportedly worth more than $200,000. Or this woman who put her husband’s business all over his car when she wrote the name of his mistress in spray paint and outed his cocaine use to the whole neighborhood. Or this one, who went straight to the point with what she wanted to happen to her philandering lover. She gets a few style points taken off however for misspelling ‘liar.’ This woman might be my favorite though. She annihilated her man’s car, carved Hope she.

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