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Cheating Husband Billboard Sign

A woman in Texas is taking the high road whenit comes to her cheating husband — and taking out an ad. Check this out — quot;I would lie to say congratulationsto Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown.They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are reallyin love and I hope it works out.quot; Signed by Patrick’s wife, Timeshia Brown. (Via DailyMail) A photo of the ad is being credited to Reddit,but is making its way around media outlets — it’s being called quot;passive aggressivequot;and a quot;cutting takedown.quot; (Via Christian Post, Examiner)

And we’re calling it hilarious. It’s unclearexactly when the ad was published, but the pic was posted earlier this week. If it wasn’ta prank, we say well done, Timeshia. We saw a similar move last March, when a womannamed Jennifer bought a billboard to advertise the GPS tracker that helped catching her cheatinghusband. (Via New York Daily News) While this ad might be smaller in size, it’sclassier in wording, which we sort of love. And as the Metro points out, it gets the jobdone. No one seems to have tracked down Timeshiayet, but according to the Dallas Morning News, the ad was posted in a Texas newspaper.

Bottom line — maybe next time he’ll thinkbefore he cheats.

Woman Admits to Cheating on ExBoyfriend With Famous Athlete on Jimmy Kimmel Live

On Monday Night, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!â€�aired a clip where they asked pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard, “What’s the mostimpressive thing you’ve ever done?â€� When you hear that question, you probably expectschool degrees, charity work, and since its Jimmy Kimmel, something funny, like eatingsome kid’s Halloween candy. But this woman took the opportunity to drop a bomb on TV.At the top of her list of the most impressive things, she said She assured us that thiswasn’t with her current boyfriend. Cheating wasn’t the only thing that madethis something worth sharing. Apparently it was with a quot;famousquot; athlete. Kimmel askedwhat the viewers were already thinking: who

is this “famousâ€� athlete? While she offeredsome clues, like that he’s a hockey player in Tampa Bay and that his initials are TJ. Spend a few seconds on the internet and youcan figure out that Tampa Bay Lightning player Tyler Johnson is the only guy who fits thedescription. While she didn’t deny or confirm that Tyler Johnson is the guy, the 25yearoldcenter for the lightning was quick to shut this rumor down. He told the Tampa Bay Times,“I have no idea who she is or why what was said was said. People can talk but doesn’tmean it’s true.â€� Still, let’s keep in mind that there isn’t another player withthe initials T.J. in Tampa Bay, and hasn’t

been for a few years now. Unveiling that someone has slept with an athleteisn’t new. A few months ago this happened to Houston Rocket’s shooting guard, JamesHarden when an Instagram model posted photos of them sleeping together. And earlier thisyear, New England Patriot wide receiver Julian Edelman was caught sleeping with his Tinderhookup. So while most people will know Tyler Johnson’sname, whether for good or bad. I’m wondering why no one is talking about the guy who wascheated on and then was called out on TV? To see the complete tutorial check out the linkbelow. Im Ally Love and for more on Sports,

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