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Adultery Divorce Wv

Who gets the matrimonial home after separation or divorce? hi, i’m brian galbraith, i’m the owner of Galbraith Family Law. We’re a law firm of divorce lawyers with offices in Orillia, Barrie and Newmarket. If you’re married and a home is jointly owned, there is no general rule as to who gets it. It’s a matter of negotiation. The judge cannot order that one person gets the matrimonial home. They can only order that failing an agreement, it will be sold. So, if you’re contemplating who gets the matrimonial home, I encourage you to look at the entire,.

Overall financial situation. if you want the home you are going to have to buy out your spouse’s interest in the home. Maybe your spouse has a pension or other assets of a value equal to the equity of the matrimonial home. Maybe you can make a deal. You get the home and they get their pension. But consider whether you can afford it. After the home is transferred into your name, you’re going to have to pay the mortgage, utility, taxes and maintenance on the home. Don’t let your emotional connection to the matrimonial home.

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