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A Rebound Relationship The Signs

How to Cope With Your Exs Rebound Relationship

Hey there this is Clay from RelationshipInnerGame And today I want to talk about what to do when your ex girlfriend is dating another guy. This can be pretty painful for a lot of guys who are going through breakups. A lot of times the rejection of being dumped by her will sting that much more when she’s moved on to that rebound relationship. Especially if you’re trying to work things out with her or stay in touch with her.

It can really make it hurt that much more. You’re probably already hurting as it is because of the breakup, but just the fact that she’s actually in the process of getting together with someone else is going to make it sting that much more. What I’d recommend you do though, is that you not really concern yourself so much about what they’re doing with each other. Because, it is a rebound relationship, and rebound relationships.

Don’t really work out in the long run anyway, because, a lot of times, when someone breaks up with someone else, they have a lot of emotions that they have to deal with. So, what you need to understand is that she’s going to be dealing with those emotions after she breaks up with you. And a lot of times people go into a rebound relationship to try to avoid those emotions. They hope that going from one relationship to the next will sort of smother all those feelings.

Out, but it doesn’t work. Those are going to have to come up sooner or later anyway. And what’s going to happen is that’s going to put a lot of tension on their new relationship. And eventually that’s going to pull their relationship apart, in most cases. So again, I wouldn’t worry too much about your ex girlfriend dating a new guy. What I’d do if I wanted to get her back, is I would approach the situation as if she wasn’t dating anyone at all. And I would.

Let everything play out on its own. And if you’d like to learn more about how to deal with relationships and breakups, please go ahead and check out RelationshipInnerGame for more free information. Thanks.

Rebound Relationship Advice Relationship Advice After Break Up

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